7 Ideas For Landscaping Around Trees

Homiful.com -- No garden is complete without trees. A tree can even be an important element in your garden. Trees will help you to realize a secret and dreamy garden. A beautiful garden with trees, that perfect for a resting spot. Find out the smart landscaping ideas for trees in your garden. With the right landscaping options, an ordinary tree will look extraordinary. 

So, here are 7 Ideas For Landscaping Around Trees.

Make it lively with plants that hang / cling to the tree


Having a small garden is also a blessing. Especially if you have a tree growing around it. You can make the tree look lively and more useful. Use strong tree trunks to hang potted plants. Tree trunks are also perfect for growing ferns. Dangling plants that hang from trees will make the garden more lively.

Build a box garden for trees


Why not grow a tree in your outdoor living space? You can make a special green garden box for the trees and small bushes inside it. Let the trees and the plants grow, thrive. The 4-sides of the box can also be used as outdoor seating, when you want to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. 

Add the summer bedding


Give an exotic touch to your trees. You make a summer-bedding that looks beautifully lit among the green atmosphere of the garden and tress. Plants such as the full-flower Heuchera 'Marmalade', begonia, salvia and bay are the perfect pair for  a small tree like this one. This summer-bedding add a significant dramatic effect to this garden landscaping design.

Perfect night lighting


Landscape lighting around tress is a great idea to add better-mood. Choose a spotlighting with dim lights to provide a warm and romantic atmosphere around the tree, especially if you make the area around the tree as a patio. The night lighting also make the garden less scary at night.

Combine the tree with cinder block


Let the nature (tree) mix with industrial elements. Place the tree in the middle of the garden, between the permanent outdoor benches. Provide under lighting that highlights the tree exotically. Your garden landscaping will be more unique with cinder blocks as the background for the tree.

Raised garden beds with rocks around trees


You can make the tree the main focal point in the garden. Pick Ilex Crenata Cloud trees, which is trimmed beautifully. Create a raised garden bed with rocks around the tree. The uplighter was added to create a dramatic effect. This raised bed with rocks helps to make this outdoor space just look like a showcase of trees.


Add a rocks to landscaping around a tree


Apart from bushes, rocks are indeed perfect for highlighting even a single tree. Create a rock landscape design in a unique shape like this. In a circle shape, there are boundaries with different rock colors. A tree was placed in the middle of it. This tree serves as a connector as well as make everything look harmonious.

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