7 Houseplant that Have Been Shown to Repel Spider Naturally

7 Houseplant that Have Been Shown to Repel Spider Naturally

Homiful.com -- When the temperature starts to drop, you may see spiders on the ceiling of the house, windows and even doors. Especially from the September to October months, which each year is characterized by the breeding season of spiders.

This makes the house pose a bit of a threat to humans and look creepy to the corner of the bedroom. There are many effective ways to repel spiders that are not years below, many fragrant plants can do just that. For the most part, lab-spider are not string with aromatic odors produced by plants. And this is very effective to repel insects, that you can see in the following review:




These beautiful chrysanthemum flowers that bloom all the time don't just brighten our borders. To repel spiders in the room, you can use this plant that has a very diverse flower color. The smell is pungent enough that it is often used for natural insect repellent.

Lavender Plant


Lavender can be used to give a feeling of calm, but if you need to know, this plant can stop spiders form coming into the house. You can take pieces of lavender bush embedded outdoors, tie them into one small group and hang them in each room. You can put it all season.

Rosemary Plant


Rosemary is not just a useful herbal plant for the kitchen. The plant has also been shown to repel spiders that have a strong aroma for noses and humans, as spiders can't stand the intense, strong smell of rosemary. You need to target this plant near the window, door or bedroom.

Mint Plant


The next spider repellent plant is mint leaves. This plant has a pungent smell. You can take some leaves added to the bottle topped with water and let it absorb. You can spray this plant at a certain point in the house that can hide at any time on windowsills and doors to retreat quickly.

Basil Plant


The next way you can do to repel spiders at home is to put fresh basil around the house. This plant has a strong aroma and is very hated by spiders, so it will move away from the presence of this plant.

If this does not work, you are advised to make a slate spray mixed with hazel.

Eucalyptus Plant


The next plant you can make reject spiders is eucalyptus. Plant with eucalyptus stalks alone can repel spiders at home. You can place it in the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Mix with witch hazel and water that you can spray in any area.

Marigold Plant


The last plant you can choose to repel spiders is marigold. This plant that grows annually without being depleted remains in bloom throughout the day. This plant will repel almost every known small pest including spiders, snails and insect.

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