7 Houseplant Decorations that Can Enliven the Christmas Celebration

Homiful.com -- Christmas is the most awaited celebration of the year for Christians. Christmas decorations are preparations that need attention to celebrate this special day. One of the decorations that you can use to welcome this Christmas celebration is ornamental plants. Many ornamental plants are widely used to welcome decorations and can also be used for home decoration in the long term. For more inspiration, keep reading for this review of 7 Houseplant Decorations that Can Enliven the Christmas Celebration.


 Orchid Flower


Orchid flowers are a much-loved flower because they have many varied colors. One type of orchid that you can use to enliven your Christmas celebration is a red orchid. Flower buds will appear around November and flowers will bloom until March. So this plant is very suitable for use in the red nuances of Christmas celebrations.



Easter Cactus


Easter cactus or, which has the scientific name Schlumbergera bridgesii is a plant that is very synonymous with ornamental plants for Christmas celebrations. This plant comes from the tropical forests of Brazil which requires cold temperatures around 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so this plant will be very suitable to be grown during the winter at the end of the year while welcoming Christmas celebrations. These flower buds tend to fall off the plant, and plant segments also tend to wither if the soil layer is not moist.



Red Pansy


Pansies that have a size of up to 22 centimeters love sun exposure. This flower is very popular because it has beautiful colors and is easy to plant, either in pots or directly in the ground. A good planting medium for this flower must be water binding, smooth, and loose. You can choose pansies with red flowers to accompany a festive Christmas tree at home.



Christmas Bush


Ceratopetalum gummiferum, also known as the Christmas bush, has a red color that is quite dominant and radiates more than its green leaves. Green and red colors are often synonymous with Christmas celebrations, so you can use this plant as a beautiful decoration that provides color variations on your day.





Amaryllis flower is a popular plant as an ornamental plant that can be used to accompany your Christmas. According to the Greeks, this flower has the meaning of splendor. Because it usually blooms in winter, this flower will be the right choice for Christmas decorations that look simple and elegant.



Frosty Fern


This plant belonging to the fern family has a shape resembling a mini Christmas tree that you can decorate to resemble a Christmas tree by providing some lights and small hangers that do not interfere with plant growth. This plant requires a wet planting medium and does not require direct sunlight to provide moisture to the plant.





This poinsettia plant is one of the plants that is very distinctive with Christmas celebrations to be referred to as a Christmas plant where this plant has unique green and red leaves. This plant is a symbol of happiness, joy, the brightness of Christmas, so you should not miss this plant as a Christmas decoration.






This is the review of 7 Houseplant Decorations that Can Enliven the Christmas Celebration. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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