7 Homemade Fertilizer Recipes for Pothos Plant

7 Homemade Fertilizer Recipes for Pothos Plant

Homiful.com -- Gardening unexpectedly requires a lot of money. In recent times, people began to believe that they needed a sufficient investment to buy all kinds of fertilizers and supplies needed by plants. It's the same with humans, who require nutrition. Nothing else with the plants you have at home. They require nutrient intake for development and increase their fertility.

But you can make it simple without having to cut significant cost. You can make sure your fertilizers are natural and plants stay health without any contamination by unnatural products commonly found in mass-produced fertilizers.
If you are gardening and aim to avoid chemicals. Currently, you are appropriate, you can use natural recipes made in plant foods that can give extra encouragement. Here's the review:

Fertilizer leftover food "waste"


There are many ways to take advantage of any waste food waste in the home. You can get more creative to find something new for plant growth. It is a mixture of dehydrated banana peels, eggshells, lavender, flowers and paper mint leaves. Bananas contain full potassium and nitrogen, and eggshells are full of calcium. Destroy all these ingredients simultaneously to be used as infused water, but this method can be stored longer.

Aquarium Water


If you have an aquarium cleaned every week, you can save water to use in your garden. As is known, aquarium water will become cloudy, smelly and dirty over time due to fish droppings. But make no mistakes, this is precisely what makes aquarium water so good for your plants at home. It has high levels, of nitrogen, which is most important for healthy plants.

Compost fertilizer


Maybe it's a little disgusting to see. But without realizing it, the natural ingredient that can provide the best nutrients for the soil is this compost fertilizer. You can use a variety of fertilizers from animal waste, to make your plant grow and grow rapidly.

Onion skin liquid fertilizer


The best search fertilizer that you can use for all types of plants including pothos plant is fertilizer find the skin down. It has a rich content of organic potassium for all the plants you grow indoors and outdoors. Onions are a great source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and much more. You can make it with 2 to 3 hands full of peeled onions and leave to soak in 1 liter of water for 24 hours. You can use it without dilution that you can put directly in the pot.



You can make eggshell tea that is used as compost. Unexpectedly, eggshells contain carbonate, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium into the water. To make it, take some lifts and put it in a glass jar. Cover the shell in boiling water and leave it until overnight. You can also mix it with Epsom salt and grind it simultaneously, and add it to the soul of your plants, which will succeed in making it more fertile.

Banana peel


Plants need potassium for their growth. After eating bananas, you simply store it and make compost for plant fertilizer, including pothos. Soak the banana peel in water similar to the tea-making process, then a mixture that has been long enough you can use the skin soaking water and add it as natural fertilizer in the garden.

Rice water


Use rice laundry water for plants that act ac fertilizer. Organic compounds contained in rice laundry water can increase plant growth to be able to improve soil nutrients. It also includes fertilizer that are environmentally friendly and easy to obtain.

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