7 Garden Plant Ideas for Unique Arrangements

Homiful.com -- Plants can be an important element in your home garden, no matter the size of the garden. Plants can give a unique shape to the home garden. You just have to adjust the various plants you have with the shape you like. Then, voilĂ , you'll get a centerpiece for your garden, be it for indoor or outdoor garden. 

Here, we will show you the inspiration for arranging garden plants that are worth a try. Take a look at these 7 garden plant ideas for unique arrangements.

1. Floating arrangement for garden plants


Living in a studio apartment or a tiny house, maybe you can only have a small indoor garden. It doesn't matter. You can arrange indoor plants with a floating arrangement like this. Plants in Kokedama-style will make your indoor garden even more stunning.

2. Vertical garden plant arrangement


One more vertical garden arrangement idea that you can imitate. Take advantage of the empty walls to put and display your houseplants. Attach potted plants to the wall with a strong hook. Arrange it nicely, and you'll get a beautiful showcase of your indoor plants.

3. Fill the side yard of the house with garden plants


The side yard of the house is usually used as access to the backyard of the house. For that, some people make a special path to it. The side of the path can be planted with various garden plants in a row. That way, the side garden won't look arid, it will be fresher.

4. Century plant and rock for garden centerpiece


Present one thing that can attract attention in your garden. You can make the century plant a star in your garden. Arrangement of Agave (century plant) surrounded by white rocks. These white rocks are so helpful to give shape to the garden.

5. Fresh oasis with unique plant arrangements


It would be nice to have a garden like this. Apart from grasses, there are special spots for growing various plants, from greenery to flowering plants. On there, there are also rocks that add a cool natural impression in the garden. The arrangement of these garden plants is like a refreshing oasis.

6. Plants surrounded by rocks with beautiful contrast


This plant arrangement idea can be applied to small and narrow land. Just with simple plants. However, the houseplants are surrounded by garden rock in natural color and white tones. The color contrast makes this arrangement worthy of being used as an inspiration for garden landscaping for a small garden.

7. Stunning spilled-succulent arrangements


One of the best ways to arrange succulents is to make them in the form of a spill garden. Sampervivum succulent is so beautiful in a spill pot planted in the ground. With coral rock, this spilled-succulent look so great for any garden.

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