7 Easy-to-grow Succulents That Attract Money To The Home

Homiful.com -- Succulents are adorable tiny plants. They require easy and simple care to thrive. Succulents also have an aesthetic appearance with various shapes and colors, making these tiny plants even able to brighten up a small corner on your desk. 

According to Feng shui, there are several types of succulents that are classified as good luck plants. They are believed to bring wealth and luck in your life. If you are a succulent enthusiast, and want to bring prosperity to your home, you can grow these 7 Easy-to-grow Succulents That Attract Money To The Home.

1. Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)


Desert rose, there are also those who call this flowering succulent as The Queen of Thousand Flowers, it's due to their bushy flower that can grow beautifully. This plant is native to a hot and dry areas, it is basically a plant that easily adapts to its new environment. In Mandarin, desert rose being known as fu gu huai, which mean wealth plant, the swollen stems depict money, luck and fortune.

2. Baby Jade Plant (Portulacaria afra)


As the name implies, baby jade plants have the same leaf shape and texture as jade plants. It's just that the leaf size is smaller. This succulent also grows well in pots without any complicated issue. According to Feng shui, this plant can bring financial luck to those who take care of it.

3. Chinese Money Plant (Pilea pepermioides)


Pilea is a quirky and fun little plant. While not strictly a succulent, this semi-succulent plant is loved for its ability to attract money and prosperity. Even the leave's shape is like a coin.

4. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is well-loved for its health benefits. According to Vastu, this plant can also bring good luck and health. You just need to place it in the North or East direction. Aloe vera succulents are perfect as a stylish pair in a white pot like these one above, adding a lovely splash of green to your home.

5. Jade Plant (Crasulla ovata)


According to Feng shui, this plant is believed to have a positive effect in terms of wealth and well-being for its owner. If placed in the yard, this plant is like welcoming the success of the homeowner. That's why, the jade plant is often used as a gift when moving house.

6. Snake Plant (Sanseviera starfish)


Snake plant is also known as a plant that can purify the air and remove air toxins. In Feng shui, the snake plant is believed to emit a strong protective energy. It can protect the occupants of the house from negative Chi. 

7. Houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum)


Sempervivum tectorum is shaped like a rose, each leaf tends to be flatter and more pointed. The best position is in a bright light near a window. In India, this plant is also called as "Laxmi Kamal" to make the house more prosperous.

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