7 Decorative Bamboo Fence Ideas For Privacy In The Garden

Homiful.com -- Need an additional privacy for your garden, both for front yard or backyard garden? If so, you'll need a fence. The fence not only protect the house and garden from unwanted things, the fence will also enhance the beauty of your home exterior. 

If you want to have a fence with a natural vibe and blend well with your garden landscaping, you can use bamboo fence instead of metallic fence. Bamboo fence gives a natural look that will give you privacy and beauty. 

For more ideas, here are 7 Decorative Bamboo Fence Ideas For Privacy In The Garden.

1. Zen garden with bamboo fence


Before you decide on a suitable garden fence, you need to pay attention to the condition and design of the garden. A minimalist zen garden, like this one, looks so perfect with the bamboo fence. This bamboo fence provides privacy as well as a visual harmony, which complements this small zen garden.

2. Pick the strong bamboo slat


The bamboo slat fence is perfect for a garden background. Moreover, this garden is completed by deck chairs and foot rests with wheels. Within the bamboo slat fence around it, you can sit comfortably without worry the outsider will peek at your leisure time in the garden.

3. Using bamboo fence panels for the garden


You can switch from timber fences to bamboo fence panels. The bamboo fence panels are quite height,  2.4 m, which is enough to give you privacy. Almost the same as wooden fences, fences made of bamboo also need intensive care. You have to choose a quality bamboo. Beyond that, the use of a bamboo fence will make the natural impression even stronger.

4. Adding decorative lights around the bamboo fence


You can arrange for outdoor seating near the bamboo fence. Add decorative lights around the bamboo fence. These decorative lights will have a dramatic effect on the visuals of your home garden. Warm light will also give a cozy and dim feel, making the garden a perfect place to gather at dusk.

5. Unique bamboo feature wall


Imagine you are swimming there, but there is no fence that separates the pool are from the outside. Even though it's open, it doesn't feel comfortable, right? You can install bamboo feature wall with timber work around it. This bamboo wall act as fence that will give a better privacy. You can add LED lights around the bamboo wall to give a magical view at night.

6. Bamboo slat fencing ideas


This bamboo slat fence looks natural with unpolished or plain surface. The fence will add texture and color to the garden. Making it looks so good with the surrounding greenery. It can also act as a screen will to gain more privacy in the garden.

7. Stunning Japanese green bamboo fence


Want to have a garden fence in a natural color? You can choose this Japanese-style green bamboo fence. Instead of bamboo slats, the whole bamboo sticks without leaves are used as fences. They are tightly packed and strong, which provides maximum privacy.

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