7 Creative Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Lazy Housewife


7 Creative Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Lazy Housewife

Homiful.com -- Many of use love ornamental plant and will end up on the terrace or balcony of the house. If you want to try to put plants outdoors, of course you need the perfect decoration in order to lift the look and make the atmosphere brighter. This also applied to those of you who want to make e beautiful indoor garden at home. You require a plant in the room. A good addition you can use is a plant stand to lay various flowers and all kinds of plants. You can choose the model, in the review below:

Plant stand for windowsill variations


The first plant stand idea that you can have to fill the room in the house, especially the windowsill, is an ornamental plant. Unique plant stand model are converted from inverted pots, strong iron shelves with a strong selection of ornamental plants to fill the room at home. This design looks minimalist with a unique blend of contrasting colors.

Fantastic plant stand for planter


The wood used for this plant stand looks sturdy with details of wood fibers that are still clear. This fantastic idea you can have again perfectly for the interior of a Boho or modern style room.

The perfect polka-dot plant stand set


A set of beautiful plant stand of iron slabs filled resembling this pot appears with polka-dot details that are actually hammered to cause lumps out. This beautiful detail, you can make a room filler with indoor plants that purify the air in the house.

Plant stand with popular vintage style


The beautiful details used for this plant stand look interesting. Take advantage of unused and beautifully polished used goods. Convert from high stand models, such as wheels, to exciting carvings. You can add neat wood panels on it to keep is sturdy. 

Natural plant stand from rattan


Rattan is one of the interesting ideas for you to make a plant stand in the corner of the room. Strong with a unique model makes the plant more effective. Choose a size that suits the plant to display attractive visuals.

Industrial plant stand with metal


Strong black metal with a rectangular shape leaves the bottom area quite roomy, this makes the look sleek. With long and petite legs, look balanced to be the top of the load of your ornamental plants at home. This will be easier for you to move if you have a roll on the foot.

Vintage style for plant stand at home


This plant stand idea is very interesting, and you can make the choice. Unique with the shape of multistory mini coffee table, the variety of different table colors makes the room look more refreshing. A unique blend for a plant stand like this will not make you so lazy anymore to take care of plants. 

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