7 Best Plant For Your Shower Bathroom

7 Best Plant For Your Shower Bathroom

Homiful.com -- Plants not only give the impression of life and refreshing atmosphere for the room. Although many homeowners place in important areas such as living room, bedroom to kitchens. This time and can try new decorations to place ornamental plants in the bathroom.

In this post, you can start following some of the ways that many people have applied to put plants in the bathroom in a tropical style.

Arecaceae Palm


Ornamental plants that are not only favored for the interior of this living room is arecaceae palm. Plants with a fresh green color of lush leaves provide more benefits for the room, especially the bathroom. In addition to making the interior refreshing, arecaceae palm can help reduce unpleasant stones in the bathroom. The room will be fresh all day.

Golden Photos


It is everyone's favorite plant. It is easy maintenance and become one of the favorite indoor plants of many ornamental plant lovers. They can live a long life and love water. Even this plant can grow in a mini light room, including the bathroom. Because they really like water, you can spray water every time you take a bath to grow long and spread.

Spider plant


This spider plant can grow small babies that you can unplug and plant in a new place. This beautiful plant is also a plant that has easy treatments, such as pothos. Can grow in thee field that is low light though, this plant is very funny so hanging are associated with macrame.

Boston Ferns


The next plant that is suitable to be an ornamental plant in the bathrooms is Boston Ferns. Plants that are able to live in low light because of this tropical sill need to be watered about once every 1-3 weeks, despite being indoors. Plants with green leaves can turn brown or yellow due to lack of water. You can make sure to keep the soil moist to stay fertile.

English Ivy


This annual evergreen plant is English Ivy. Plants are classified as wood vines that can act as soil coverings that spread horizontally and reach a height of inches. The best time to grow this plant is spring, this fast and aggressively growing plant is considered invasive in many areas. You can save pets and children from this plant, because this plant is toxic to humans and animals.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera plant becomes one of the plants that has many benefits from year to year. Besides being good for beauty and health, this plant is very attractive and helps clean the air in the room. Plants that have many types of these, you can choose only a few. Wrought around the corner of the space near the window to get sunlight. When the soil dries, this plant will burn if placed in direct sunlight.

Combination plants


You can put one or more ornamental plants in the room, including the bathroom. Such as spider plant, palm tree and some other types of plants Calathea Maranta Type can also fill the bathroom interior for decorative and add more attractive visuals.

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