7+ Best Plant for Beginner Hard to Kill

7+ Best Plant for Beginner Hard to Kill

Homiful.com -- Beginner lovers of ornamental plants, consider having one of the plants that are difficult to kill. Not only attractive and beautiful, you need to have plants with easy, string and tolerant care if you neglected to water them. You need to study ornamental plants that are characteristically strong, like moisture to standard temperature that grow well in all soils and weather resistant. The following are 7 most list of ornamental plants that are suitable to be a home plant for beginners.

 Jade plant


The jade plant is an attractive, long-lived succulent species and often represents money and luck. This plant is easily recognized by its thick stems and beautiful green oval leaves. Requires very minimal maintenance, this jade plant requires direct sunlight for several hours a day.

Aloe vera


This type of succulent plant is easy to grow, known as aloe Vera. It has tall, gel-filled stiff leaves. The benefits of aloe Vera gel are quite a lot as a beauty and health ingredient.

The plants that grow best in this succulent potting soil can be mixed with vermiculite-rich for good drainage.

Golden Pothos


Golden pothos is know as an ornamental plant that is easy to care for, especially for beginners who love ornamental plants. This heart-shaped leaf has quite a lot of variations with yellow, white and green colors. 

This plant in indirect light can also grow indoors, but in very low light. You can still maintain this plant even if you forget to water it. Grows by creeping up to thirty feet, but you can still help it come back. But this plant is beneficial for cats and dogs, it doesn't matter if it is kept as a hanging plant in the house.

Ficus Elastica


This ficus elastica plant can grow to a height of 60 to 80 feet. This hard-to-kill plant is perfect for those of you beginners who love ornamental plants. Quite a lot of varieties from dark color, rubber green, burgundy to variegate.

This plant does not need a lot of light to grow it. But still keep the soil moisture, so it is no too dry.

Snake plant


Snake plant is known as a tall and stiff, dark green leafy plant. With variegated varieties having a yellow stripe running along the leaf margins. This plant doesn't even need water all the time, you can water it when the coil is completely dry. Can be grown indoors with low light, this plant will grow well in offices with fluorescent lighting or indirect sunlight.

Flaming Katy


The flaming Katy can thrive with the owner's negligence. This hard-to-kill plants is found in an attractive variety of red, white, yellow, orange and pink colors. This plant only needs to be watered when the soil dries up. It has a bright and beautiful color that is easy to care for.

Spider plant


The next plant that is suitable for beginners and popular because of its easy care and tolerance of many situations is the spider plant. Available in light green with assorted greens and whites. This spider plant is easy to propagate to become a new, independent plant. Known for their easy maintenance, they love pout bounds, so they don't need to bother much.

Place it in indirect light, such as on a windowsill or near kitchen and bathroom windows.

Madagascar dragon tree


The striking plant with bright is very easy for beginners. Known as the Madagascar dragon tree, this plant can grow to 20 feet outdoors. But is you put it indoors, it should only be about one to six feet tall in a pot with regular pruning.

They can grow well in indirect light, and can tolerate low light. You can keep this plant in rich, well-draining soil and water only when the soil is dry.

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