7 Best Patio Ideas For Design Inspiration


Homiful.com -- Everyone wants a beautiful home design. To make the look of the house more beautiful, you can start building a patio. Designing a patio can make the atmosphere of the house feel more refreshing. Patio you can function as a spot to relax, to the area gathered with friends and family.

The following are 7 best patio ideas for design inspiration that you can make as a guideline.

1. Patio with a touch of wood


Want to create a warmer patio? You can try an elegant touch of wood. Combine it with greenery for a cooler room atmosphere.

2. Patio with beautiful pergola

Want to create a beautiful patio design? Inspiration patio with pergola as a shade from the following heat, you can make as inspiration. Combine with floral decorations for a more stunning look. 

3. Patio for a place to relax


The existence of a patio at home has many benefits, one of which is as a place to gather with family. Also present a large umbrella as a shade.

4. Simple patio in front of the house

Having a small land, it is no longer a problem to present a charming patio. Guests can take advantage of the front porch equipped with some plant decors to beautify the look.

5. Patio with vertical garden


The idea of presenting a patio with a combination of vertical garden you can make as a reference. This patio inspiration is made elongated following the shape of the available room. Place some plants to beautify the look.


Want the patio to feel cooler, like in the woods? Patio design with many plants that refresh the eyes you can try to apply at home. Bring a touch of wooden chair for a  relaxing place.

7. Modern patio design with monochrome feel


Want a modern look? The combination of black and white never disappoints. The look of the house also looks more modern and stylish. While the green element also brings to life the atmosphere of the terrace of the house.

That's the seventh review of best patio ideas for design inspiration. I hope the information above can be useful to you.

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