7 Best of Anthurium Varieties You Need to See

Homiful.com -- Anthurium is a type of plant that is receiving great attention. This plant is in great demand. It has a  unique shape with broad leaves, this uniqueness is the reason why many people like and this one plant. More than that, this 'big ear plant' can provide an exotic tropical vibe in your home. It's thanks to the broad green leaves. 

If you're starting to get interested in this broadleaf evergreen plant, we suggest you take a look at these 7 Best of Anthurium Varieties You Need to See.

1. Anthurium Mettallicum


Anthurium Metallicum has a beautiful lancelot leaf shape. The leaves of this plant are velvety dark green with prominent veins. Anthurium Metallicum belongs to the Araceae family, native to Colombia. This Anthurium species has an undeniable magnetism in it. Place this plant in a spot with bright filtered light, and move it to the bigger pot when the leaves start to grow big. Clogged roots will inhibit its growth.


2. Anthurium veithchii


This anthurium is often called the "King of Anthurium". Not without reason, Anthurium veitchii has very large leaves that can even reach more than 1 meter. The leaves are thick and dropping to the side, because they are too heavy. You can place this anthurium in pot, that can grow beautifully. 

3. Anthurium forgetii


Anthurium forgetti has a striking difference compared to other types. The leaves are round, and do not have the upper lobe or heart shape found in most anthurium. Keep it away from the direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from getting scorched.

4. Anthurium clarinervium


Look how stunning the Anthurium clarinervium plant is! It is a showy foliage with stunning veining pattern on green leaves. These silver veins are so eye-catching against the green background on them. The clarinervium's require high humidity. The plant also prefers bright indirect light. This showy plant will be a tropical highlight for your home.

5. Anthurium Regale


The size of this anthurium leaf is so large, which makes it look so charming. Anthurium regal has green leaves with prominent white leaf veins, making it so beautiful and loved by many people.

6. Anthurium Warocqueanum


If Anthurium veithchii is called the King of Anthurium, Anthurium warocqueanum is called the "Queen of Anthurium".  The shape of the two is almost similar, with long leaves with lancelot shape. This plant has silvery veins that radiate from the green background. Unfortunately, the Queen is not an-easy houseplant.

7. Anthurium Magnificum


Anthurium magnificum is perfect for your new plant collection. The size of the leaves that can reach 15 cm makes it look so exotic as an ornamental plant in the house. This plant likes moist soil, so make sure it is neither too dry nor too wet. Keep them away from direct sunlight. 

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