7 Best Houseplants That Can Absorb CO2 Effectively

 Homiful.com - Growing houseplant make the atmosphere feel enjoy. Decorate it at any corner can make the view and ambience feel great. In addition, this way can make the room more health with the plants that has function to absorb toxic and carbon dioxide. See these 7 Best Houseplants That Can Absorb CO2 Effectively. Let's check it out!

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas)


ZZ plants can grow easier and adaptable in ant condition. This plant can absorb harmful pollutant like toluene, carbon dioxide, and xylene. Plants that low maintenance, perfect to grow at indoor and help the rooms have fresh and healthy atmosphere.

Jade Plant


Jade plants that grow with kokedama look great and perfect for houseplants. Jade plant can improve the air quality by absorbing the toxic or harmful pollutant. This plant can absorb CO2 during the night and boost air quality. 

Rubber Plant


Having burgundy or regular green leaves, rubber tree is great for houseplant. Besides can absorb carbon dioxide, rubber tree can remove carbon monoxide from the surroundings. The other benefit is rubber tree will produce lots of oxygen more than any other plant.



Pothos is popular plants that perfect for houseplant. With growth in vines, you can display the plants by hanging or add moss pole to direct. Besides then, this plant can help you to remove pollutant like carbon dioxide at indoor. 

Succulent and Cacti


Popular with houseplants, succulent and cacti good to absorbing CO2. Generally, these plants begin to absorb carbon dioxide at night. This activity doing while releasing oxygen.

Prayer Plant


Growing 10 to 12 inches tall and can spread 15 to 18 inches wide, prayer plants perfect for houseplants. By put at indoor, this plant can help to clear air by filtering indoor air pollutants. Prayer plants effectively absorb CO2 as the light intensity is increased.

Snake Plant


Snake plants are widely known as pollution-absorbing plants like carbon dioxide. It can help you to breathing easier in clean air. You can put the plants at indoor like bathroom, kitchen, and other that can increase the view and absorbing.

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