7 Best Glass Small and Big Beautiful Terrarium Ideas

7 Small and Big Beautiful Terrarium Ideas 

Homiful.com -- The impression of relaxation in the room can be enriched by the presence of ornamental plants. In addition to making the interior of the room more refreshing, the placement of ornamental plants for a small gardens in glass is very interesting to grow an exciting new ecosystem that you can create yourself. As inspiration, you can see some ideas to dance with a large or small glass.

Ornamental plants such as parsley


The shape of terrarium like a bulb with a large size looks beautiful with an indoor habitat. Ornamental plant such as parsley leaves are combined with fittonia and some other beautiful plants. You can make a little beautiful blend with natural stone for water catchment and buttress.

Terrarium jar


The next interesting idea is very funny with a large size. This jar filled with begonia and English Ivy is suitable as a birthday present. Large containers combined natural stone to sand to form interesting details.

Adiantum capilluse veneris as terrarium


Adiantum capillus veneris as terrarium plant that tend to grow in moist areas and begin to thrive when enlarged will have beautiful green leaves, refreshing. Filled with moss decorations and rock, this terrarium idea was taken from one of the photos of enthusiast who were in the forest. You can make this terrarium for a celebratory gift.

Small glass terrarium with mini garden


Mossy plants that look beautiful with views such as ornamental rocks with succulents become decoratively attractive for your work desk. This look is really beautiful, like a small garden that is neatly arranged in a fairy tale house.

Christmas gift with unique terrarium


The next idea that you can continue to fill the corner with the room in the house is with a terrarium shaped bulb. You can fill the terrarium with succulents for Christmas gift that are getting closer.

Lush tropical terrarium


Looking like a tropical forest, this terrarium design looks refreshing with a large glass that is interesting and unique. You can combine several plants in one container. Prepare lighting naturally indirectly.

Unique bottle garden


The appearance of this unique and very funny bottle. Good for small corner place such as living room, office. Add some festive ecosystems in it, by filling ornamental plants that fit the size.

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