7 Best Christmas Flower You Should Know

7 Best Christmas Flower You Should Know

Homiful.com -- It's time to enter a new year that is coming soon. A new spirit with new hope is started with Christmas in winter. You can spend time off at the end of December by updating the look of a house full of ornamental plants. You can even add one to two plants in the room when Christmas arrives until the main Christmas tree. Inspired by some recommendations, you can prepare a list of flower ornamental plants that you can choose at Christmas. 



Typical plants of this Christmas decoration will enliven the distance when Christmas arrives. Poinsettia is a shrub plant from Mexico that can be 12 feet tall and lush like a tree. It needs to be recognized if this plant is sensitive enough to cold winds and can be damaged when you bring it home from the store. With beautiful leaves, will steal a lot of attention. Variations in leaf color that you can choose between red, pink, burgundy and white spotted.

Christmas Rose


Christmas rose are commonly called winter roses or black hellebore. Plants know to bloom late autumn to early spring, often in this snow season, have green compound leaves of seven or more wide. With a distinctive white, striking flower, this plant will thrive in moist soil and partial shade in mild climates or cold locations.



Paperwhites are derived from very warm climates in Southern Francis and Southern Spain. It is easy to plant indoors or outdoors, which is perfect for the Christmas season. This plant that many people like will anoint a refreshing fragrance. When the flowers are open, this plant will last about 2 weeks.



Tuber plants are easier to grow than amaryllis and bloom little beautifully. This plants will be good in pots with regular watering and maximum lighting. This will all encourage the growth of flowers that start to bud at the base of the stalk.



Anthurium is a type of ornamental plant that is in great demand by many people. Especially during the Christmas season, that will arrive as it is now. Not only in demand in the market, the unique Anthurium plant with wide leaves has red flowers become the focal point in the room. In addition to making the corner of your space more beautiful, according to research, this plant can eliminate air pollution. And effectively remove harmful substances in the room. 

Bleeding Heart Vine


Bleeding heart vines are knows as tropical bloody heart. Beautiful plant with shiny green leaves with red and white flowers that glow up. The plant is a perennial with dainty pink or lavender and white blooms. Plants at Christmas grow vines and spread all over the world.

Christmas cactus blooming


This Christmas cactus is known as thanksgiving cactus. With the stems of the curved and jagged leaf shape is pointed along the edges, This plant has rounded edges on the leaves that come from the southeastern coast of Brazil in shady and humid forest. It is classified as an epiphyte because it can live on spin tress.

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