7 Beautiful Porch Decor Ideas with Plants

Homiful.com --  The existence of a terrace in front of the house makes this area must be considered carefully in terms of design, arrangement, and decoration. One of the decorations that can give a fresh and stunning atmosphere to the appearance of the house is the use of plants as decorations in the porch area. The plants on the porch create a natural freshness and calming green atmosphere with maximum radiating beauty. For those of you who are interested in decorating the porch area with plants, see the following review of 7 Beautiful Porch Decor Ideas with Plants.

Stunning Hanging Plant


The plant decorations used on this porch are hanging plants with semicircular pots that look charming. Choose a variety of plants with plant growth that sticks out so that it gives a natural impression and beautifies your porch. Not only that, the use of curtains on the porch also helps in a shady atmosphere with a relaxing breeze.


Medium Sized Plant


You don't need a lot of plants in this porch area, just use a few medium-sized plants that tend to be large. By using several plants that tend to be large, you don't need to use many plants to provide maximum freshness.


Neatly Lined Plants


The arrangement of decorations in the form of plants on the porch area appears neatly either by hanging or on the floor which is placed in a pot. The choice of hanging plants that stick out can be a smart option to beautify the appearance of the facade of the house.



Various Plants on the Porch


The use of plants that are quite varied in this porch area provides a green and refreshing atmosphere. Some small plants can be placed on an empty shelf above the shoes, so that it will provide refreshing air in the area where the shoes are sweaty after being used for activities. Meanwhile, medium-sized plants have a more spaced arrangement so as not to give the impression of being messy and overlapping.



Porch as a Relaxing Area Surrounded by Plants


Fresh shades of yellow which are used as the basic color on the porch are increasingly integrated with the presence of plants that decorate the surroundings. The existence of the snake plant is arranged as if it blends with a neat appearance because of the stiff and solid leaf stems. The concept of fresh and bright nature is increasingly radiated because of the combination of yellow and green on this tiny porch.



Living Wall on Both Sides of the Porch


Different from the choice of plants from the previous porch decorations, in this porch area the use of plants as decorations is more highlighted in the use of the living wall which is on the right and left sides of the wall. While other plants, use pots made of woven bamboo, which gives a natural impression and adds to the tranquility when relaxing in this area.

Refreshing Outdoor Living Room


The last porch design that uses plant decorations is shown in the area that also functions as this outdoor living room. The presence of plants in this area is arranged without disturbing the main function of this porch but still being a maximum decoration and should be imitated.

This is the review of 7 Beautiful Porch Decor Ideas with Plants. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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