7 Beautiful Pink Flowering Shrubs To Spruce Your Garden

Homiful.com -- Add a splash of beauty to your garden. One of the best ways is to grow flowering shrubs in the garden. Choose flowers in striking colors that can be the center of attention to your landscaping. You can pick flowering shrubs that produce flowers in a beautiful pink color. The pink one will make an ordinary landscaping look even more better. 

Here are 7 Beautiful Pink Flowering Shrubs To Spruce Your Garden.

Daphne Flower


Daphne flower is also called as lady laurel or paradise plant. This flowering shrub produces fragrant flowers in intense pink. This gorgeous flower also have an amazing-scent, which make your garden not only beautiful, but also smell fresh. Even so, you need to know that Daphne plant is toxic to pet.



Just imagine this garden doesn't have bougainvillea shrubs in it. The garden still looks fresh, but it feels like something is missing. Bougainvillea flowers add its own beauty to this garden. It can be grown as shrub with lovely pink flower petals. This flowering shrub grow best in a full sun spot.



Spirea is a flowering shurb with alternating leaves. This plant comes from East Asian countries, such as Japan, China and Korea. The spirea plant has clumps of reddish-pink flowers. For pink spirea flower, you can choose some types of cultivar of Spirea japonica, namely Neon Flash or Goldflame.

Rose of Sharon


Rose of Sharon is a flowering shrub with pink flowers that can grow all around the bush. This flowering shrub is even suitable for container flower arrangement. Rose of Sharon flowers have quite some color variations. From purplish pink to white, which will spruce up your garden. 



Crape myrtle shrubs produce amazing little pink flowers. It can grow to a height of 15-25'. Crape myrtle shrubs prefer a bright, sunny spot. The plant need 6+ hour full sun to thrive. This gorgeous flowering shrub is a low-maintenance plant. It's a great choice for landscaping garden.



Echinacea or coneflower is one type of herbal flower plant. Echinacea has hairy leaves and pink and purplish flowers measuring 3-4 inches, where the center of the flower is orange. The height of this plant reaches 36-48 inches. The flower is often to be used as herbal teas that can improve the immune system. If you want to plant in open land, give the distance between the plant 15-18 inches.



Deutzia is also called as fragrance of spring flower. The plant produce lovely pink flowers that will brighten up the garden. This plant can grow from 6-10' tall. This plant can grow in full sun or shaded areas.

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