7 Beautiful Living Room with Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Did you know the living room you have can also be used as a mini garden in the house? Only with indoor plants that are perfectly arranged in the living room, the living room will look vibrant and fresh. You also don't have to worry to place your plant collection in the house, if the living room can be a great place for that. For more ideas, keep reading for 7 Beautiful Living Room with Garden Ideas.

Not much of a plant but perfect


A living room with garden doesn't always have so much plants. You can make plants as accents that refresh the room atmosphere. You can present a comfortable feeling with an arrangement like this. Lush leafy plants, such as monstera and pothos plant, are placed near the window. The indirect light comes from the window will help them thrive.

Living room sofa surrounded by indoor plants


To create an indoor garden, bring the outdoor in. Plants are one of the most a vital element for that. You can arrange a living room like a mini garden like this. Hanging plants and shelves filled with plants surround the living room sofa. A sofa full of pillows and soft throws combined with a variety of plants around it looks like the perfect boho living room.

Smart Plant Arrangement


You are free to put plants in any area in the living room. Make sure, the arrangement of plants does not hinder your movement and walking access. Make the most of the plain walls as a plant display. You can install a floating shelf. Use that floating shelf as a place to put your plant with dangling leaves. Another smart plant arrangement is to put the plant in a table or plant holder that make the plant look stand out.

Vertical garden in the living room


Want a more different wall decor? You can try this vertical garden idea. The living room wall becomes a vertical garden full of indoor plants. The potted plants attached to the wall with a special hook, that make everything so neat. This arrangement saves space and provides a more unique plant showcase in your living room.

Green corner near the living room window


Make a cozy green corner in a spot near your living room window. A spot near a window is one of the best places for houseplants. Natural air and natural indirect light will keep the plant growing healthy. You can arrange it as much as possible to make a super fresh and festive green corner.

Make it festive with hanging plants


The outdoor living room certainly brings maximum fresh air to the area. When designing an outdoor living room, pay attention to the right choice of furniture. Instead of a velvet sofa, it is better to choose a teak seating set that is perfect for outdoor lounge. The variety of plants that placed provide a lively atmosphere. The hanging plants, such as vine also serves as natural curtains that act as shade.

A statement plant for living room with garden design


Living room with garden is a fun idea. You can make it even stand out more with a statement plant. Place a tropical plant, such as giant bird paradise plant or even cacti as desert plant. Plants that have unique visual and characters will make your garden-style living room look more special.

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