7 Beautiful Coleus Plants


Homiful.com -- For those of you plant lovers, of course, know about Coleus plant that is popular. Coleus plant has a characteristic colorful leaf color. They also include plant with low maintenance. They can be grown by you beginner gardeners.

Coleus plant will grow well in direct sunlight. Here are 7 beautiful coleus plants that you can grow at home!

1. Wizard velvet red


Coleus plant type wizard velvet red has a stunning look. Their characteristics have bright red leaves and yellow leaf edges that give a more beautiful impression.

2. Picture perfect pink salmon


Coleus plant other types that are popular and have a beautiful pastel leaf color. They will make the room look attractive. In addition to planting it directly in the soil, you can grow it in pots .

3. Limelight


Limelight is the next type coleus plant that has a bright leaf color. The stunning green color will make the garden more beautiful and vibrant.

4. Trailing Plum


Trailing plum has beautiful leaves, shades of charming purple. The combination of the two colors produces a dramatic impression. They can grow well in direct sunlight.

5. Wizard Jade


The combination of green and yellow in the middle of the leaves gives a refreshing impression of the eyes. Do not forget to water them regularly, as this plant will grow well on moist soil.

6. Henna


The next Coleus plant is Henna. The color of the Henna leaves is amazingly bright red. They will grow well and have beautiful colors in direct sunlight. When you are in the room, you can place it near the window.

7. Kiwifern


One other type of coleus plant that has low maintenance is Kiwi Fern. This plant has a beautiful leaf shape with magenta and yellow colors on the edges. They will live well in tropical climates.

That's a review of 7 Beautiful coleus plants that you can grow at home. Which kind of above is your favorite? I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

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