7 Awesome String Light Ideas For Patio, Garden And Backyard

Homiful.com -- Your patio, garden and backyard, definitely need an adequate nighttime lighting. That way, the outdoor-relaxing-place is not only used for the morning with natural light, but you can also spend a pleasant evening/night there.

One of the garden lights that you can choose is string lights. String lights have many models and shapes. The string lights are also easy for you to install according to the shape you want. 

Here are 7 Awesome String Light Ideas For Patio, Garden And Backyard.

Luminous curtains under the roof


You are free to install the string lights according to the shape you like. For example, a balcony garden with string lights arranged like a shining curtain under the roof. This luminous curtain gives the balcony a more beautiful, special and cozy look. This strong light idea is so interesting, and you can easily try it at home.

Dim string lights


Choose the right position for the garden string lights. A safe area that doesn't entangle your electricity. The spots under the canopy frame is the right choice. Also pick the type of lighting you need. If you want a warm feel, you can select string lights with a dim flame.

Amazing string light for the backyard


Your backyard can be used as an outdoor home theater. Create a cozy, romantic and happy ambience to any parties you hold by installing string lights like this one. These string lights are installed in crisscross arrangement  to enliven the atmosphere in the yard. Choose a string light with colorful lamp, for a more festive backyard garden.

A cozy vibe with the string lights


String lights affect the feel of your garden. The installation of string lights right above the seat, in addition to lighting up, also adds a warm impression when you talk casually with your friends, there. Keep the creepy look by installing string lights on the bushes around the garden.

Beautiful 'star' lights for Patio


Now, there are many types of string lights. One that is quite-popular is the string lights with a star shape. You can make it a star curtain for the patio. This star curtain features these light 8 mode-combinations. With the remote control you can set the lighting mode you want, from in waves, chasing/flashing, twinkle and more lighting mode.

Backyard pool with the string lights


Make the back garden a cool place to relax with the installation of decorative lights. You can choose the string lights that are installed according to the dimension of the length of the swimming pool. These lights make the surrounding atmosphere warmer. Relaxing at night becomes even more serene and enjoyable.

Luminous canopy


Make the string lights into a beautiful, luminous canopy like this. A luminous canopy like this is perfect for special occasions. You can have a banquet with your dearest and nearest.

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