7 Appealing Pictures Of The Best Beautiful Hanging Succulents

 Homiful.com - Decorate your home with succulent for fresh and alive atmosphere. You can put the plant at the floor, on the table, or hanging at the roof. See these 7 Appealing Pictures Of The Best Beautiful Hanging Succulents that you can try and make inspire. Let's check it out!

Donkey Tail Succulent


Donkey tail as succulents collection is the plants that perfect as decoration for houseplants. With the plants belong to a sturdy sedum family, this plant is fragile and quick to drop its leaves.

Lepismium Bolivianum


Lepismium bolivianum or Pfeiffera boliviana grows with square main shoots, winged at the base, on which areoles with short, yellowish bristles area located. The remaining flattened, thin-fleshed, strongly notched shoot segments are 1.5 to 30 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide.

Curio Rowleyanus


Curio rowleyanus or Senecio rowleyanus is flowering plant and it's a creeping, perennial. This plant also known with string of pearls. This is because the shape of plants is similar to pearl. The stems root at the nodes and grow up to 3 feet long.

Rhipsalis Campos-Portoana


The plants that native to Brazil are commonly called with Mistletoe Cactus and truly are cacti. Rhipsalis campos-portoana is an epiphytic cactus with elongated. Many branched stems that hang in large. The branches are slender, have light green, and can grow up to 4 inches long and 0.1 inches in diameter.

Senecio Peregrinus


Senecio peregrinus or mostly called with string of dolphins, can grow up to 91 cm. In addition, this plant has leaves lining its string like stems really look like dolphins leaping off the plant. Senecio peregrinus can live in full sun to partial shade.

Burro's Tail


Burro's tail is a heat and tolerant plant well suited for warm to temperate regions. Stems there thick appear woven or plaited with leaves. The plants have green to gray green or blue-green and may have a slightly chalky look.

Cotyledon Pendens


Cotyledon pendens is hanging plants that can grow up to 60 cm long. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, often crowded and highly fleshly. The leaf surface is whitish-grey-green due to the powdery bloom and with reddish margins. The flowers are orange-red, bell-shaped, and up to 1.8 inches long.

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