7 Amazing White Houseplant that are Easy to Maintain


Homiful.com -- Not only the design of the house that needs to be considered in the color selection. You also need to pay attention to the selection of home decorations in the form of plants in choosing colors. One of the houseplants that have beauty to be used as decoration is a white leaf plant.

This white leafed plant can also represent the grace and elegance of its owner. Not only that, this white plant can be used as a different variation on the green garden in your home. For those of you who are interested in this green leafy plant, see the following review of 7 Amazing White Houseplants that are Easy to Maintain.

Echevaria Succulent


The first white plant that you can use as a houseplant decoration is the echevaria succulent. This plant has a small size with more volume leaves. Because of its small size, this plant is very suitable for table decoration that does not take up much space.

Strawberry Star Caladium


The next white leaf plant that can be used as a houseplant is Strawberry Star Caladium with a unique leaf pattern with a reddish pink touch. Use a planting medium with a moist temperature that easily absorbs water. Because this plant is resistant to humid air, this white, pink-patterned plant is very suitable to be placed in the house.


Caladium White Christmas


The next plant which is still in the caladium family has a white Christmas type, where the texture of the leaves in this type is rougher with dark green strokes that are firmer and sharper. This plant does not need much fertilizer because if you use too much fertilizer it will burn the leaves and damage the beauty of this white-leaved plant.



Caladium Candidum


The next type of caladium with white leaves is caladium candidum which has a smooth leaf surface with a thin green pattern that is elegant and beautiful. Because this plant tends to live in humid temperatures, avoid placing this plant in fluctuating temperatures. Adjust the placement of this plant to the prevailing climate to maintain the life span of this beautiful white-leaved plant.



Alocasia Silver Scale


Alocasia plants generally have thick and varied leaf shapes, with a length of 20 to 90 centimeters. Plants with this type of alocasia silver scale have a beauty that tends to be white, luxurious and elegant. This plant is very suitable for use as a houseplant because it has a temperature that is not too humid and not too hot. This plant requires 40 to 70% sunlight, so you can place it near a window where it can enjoy light but still get the right humidity.


Aglaonema Super White

The next plant that has white leaves to beautify home decorations is the super white aglaonema plant, with leaves that have green patterns on the edges. This type of plant has easy maintenance and can produce oxygen that refreshes the house. Apart from being an ornamental plant with stunning white leaves, this plant is in great demand by various groups so that it can be used as a business opportunity that can be cultivated. 

Senecio Candicans
This plant, commonly known as angel wings, is a succulent species whose height can reach one meter. This plant has green leaves covered with waxy white powder on both sides. At the edges, this leaf has a slightly jagged margin that shows its uniqueness. This plant also has flowers that will bloom in winter. Because of its white beauty, this plant is also widely used as a simple houseplant and looks stunning.





This is the review of 7 Amazing White Houseplant that are Easy to Maintain. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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