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Homiful.com -- The kitchen is arguably the most used area. There you prepare hearty meals for your family, work to make sweet memories while cooking together. The kitchen is arguably also the most loved place. For that, you have to create a stress-free kitchen and makes you more comfortable cooking.

If you want to renovate your small kitchen, here are 6 Cool Stress-Free Small Kitchen Updates Ideas. These ideas will give your small kitchen a fresh vibe, a new look.

1. Make it as simple as possible

The more items stored in your small kitchen, it will not be the same as making it easier for you when cooking. Just put items or handy cooking furniture that you often use. Hang some cooking utensils on the backsplash for easy picking up and putting back down. This way, you'll have a cool with stress-fresh kitchen update. 

2. Transparent roof that brighten up the kitchen


Indoor kitchen often require electric light energy to illuminate them, even during the day. You can consider installing skylights or a transparent roof above the kitchen. 

This small kitchen uses a canopy with a polycarbonate Solartuff roof. The color of the roof is chosen in gray, so it produces softer and less dazzling sunlight. Polycarbonate can filter heat very well, the kitchen doesn't feel too hot, even when cooking during the day. 

3. Well-arranged spice rack


When cooking, sometimes, you need to add seasoning to make your dishes taste better. Instead of rummaging through your entire cabinet to find it, try making a special spice rack. Make it an open shelf to make it easier for you to find and retrieve it. This way, you can manage your stress level when cooking. 

4. Add patterns


Add multifunctional objects in the kitchen, both in function and beauty. For example, simple thins like kitchen mats. Kitchen mats are usually placed under the sink to absorb water or oil that drips on the floor. Choose in a patterned design to enhance the visual appealing. 

5. A versatile shelf


Feel free to add a versatile shelf in a small kitchen. A versatile shelf is more efficient, compared to forcibly tucking kitchen utensil in an existing cabinet. You can store it on the shelf, so your kitchen look neater. Choose a shelf with the level to your need, if you need more space, this 4-tier shelf can be the best option. 

6. Warm and Natural Accent


Cooking in a visually pleasing kitchen is definitely more stress-free. Choose a kitchen theme that suit your liking. Bring in as much of a natural wood accent to make the kitchen vibe feel so warm and cozy. You can bring it from a choice of cabinet materials, decorations and kitchen furniture. That way, you'll have small but stylish kitchen. 

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