Recycle Plastic Bottles into Beautiful Hanging Garden On Old Wall -- You can't imagine how much plastic waste is on our earth. According to said that we almost generate 300 million tons of plastic waste every year. Surely, this is a big deal. As a conscious one, we must take concrete action to reduce waste. Either reduce usage, or recycle used plastic bottles. Well, the easiest way to recycle plastic bottles is to use it as planter or hanging garden. For more ideas, here are Recycle Plastic Bottles into Beautiful Hanging Garden On Old Wall.

DIY hanging planter


You can create a simple vertical garden using used plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are perfect for vertical garden planters. First, you can easily form a plastic bottle as a beautiful planter. Second, plastic bottles are very light, making them easy to hang even on old walls.

Perfect water propagation with plastic bottles


You can use used bottles as wall decorations. You can try water propagation, which is easy to realize at home. Prepare a plant that root in the water, such as pothos, then place them on plastic bottles filled with clean water. Hang them on ropes, then place it to the nail on the wall.

Beautiful hanging garden from plastic bottles


This beautiful hanging garden is made of plastic mineral water bottles. How to make it is easy. Roll up the bottle and cut a few pieces, so it can be used as a base for plants. Beautify the plastic bottles by covering the surface with a patterned cloth and string in a matching color. You can use it as a hanging garden, either for organic houseplants or artificial flowers.

Outdoor curtain from plastic bottles


Previously, you saw a small hanging garden, this time you can try it outside the house which is quite spacious. You can hang cola plastic bottles on a rope. Plant a variety of small flowers there, so it feels more fresh and beautiful. The more arrangements, the hanging garden from plastic bottles will look like a more eco-friendly outdoor curtain.

Paint the plastic bottles


All plastic bottles look almost the same. Paint the planter of plastic bottles to make it look unique. You can add or paint certain character according to your liking. Hey, this idea is also fun for you to do with the kids. They can also learn to make a simple hanging garden.

Small but cute zen hanging garden


With only a single plastic bottle, you can make this adorable hanging garden. The plastic bottles are painted with blue and white pattern that look so enchanting. On there, you can grow pothos in water filled with blue coral. Add a mini character that look soo zen. So, you'll have a small but cute zen hanging garden.

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