Open Door: 10+ Enchanting Small Pink House Ideas to Try -- If you really like the interior of a house with shades of pink, then this house can be your inspiration. The house is decorated with pink things, that make a house look more colorful. Don't worry, these pink ideas are not tacky. If you intend to adapt one or more pink ideas of this house, your home won't look so out of style. 

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Start from the door


The main door is a vital feature in the house. Without the main door, you can't enter the house. If you want a natural and sturdy main door, choose a wooden door model. You can pick a wooden main door from quality and durable wood, such as teak, mahogany and the like. Decorate the main door with a pink wreath to welcome you.

The empty-corner as a plant home

Make the most of your empty-corner as functional space. The half-open corner of the terrace can be a place for your houseplants. You can arrange the houseplants on the stacking shelves, a rattan plant holder or simply place them on the ground. If the plants prefer indirect light condition, they'll grow thrive.

Pink couch that look so wow


Add a wow factor in your living room by choosing a good-looking sofa. If you are so in love with the pinks, then a living room with pink couch is a must. A deep pink couch with pink side table will perfect your pink living room design. Add a shabby chic impression by applying one or more pink patterns on the living room.

Add a white rug

You can try to add a white rug on the living room. The rug has double functions. First, the rug will make the feet feel warmer and softer. Second, the white on rug will balance the lively pattern and deep colors on the living room, so this living room won't look so tacky and crowded. 

Change the couch cover periodically


When you've decided to buy a couch, of course, you want it to long-lasting.  But, there are times when you are so bored with the look of your couch. Get smart of it. You can periodically change the sofa or couch cover, when you want to have a new look of your couch. Choose the pink couch cover to make it still have a pink ambience.

Choose any pink bedroom concept that suit you

Your bedroom is your canvas. You are free to make it as perfect and comfortable as possible. You may choose a pink patterned bed linen, pink pastel curtain, even paint the walls with the pink. If you're a parent or mother who still sleep next to their little one, you can add any decoration that will love by your child.

Affordable pink bedroom decor for kid


The kids at certain age tend to love colorful things. Add a colorful wall painting or cute sticker on the walls. Let the kid choose whatever image that they like, so they'll love their bedroom more. Arrange their doll as neatly as possible, so the dolls will act as decorations that so affordable.

Let the sunshine comes

The natural light will make a pink bedroom even look better. Give minimal treatment to the bedroom window. You can hang a pink curtain behind the white sheer. The white sheer still able to reflect the sunshine, so a pink bedroom will look brighter and not so out-of-stale.

Lively fridge nuances


The refrigerator can be a destination for peoples who live in your home. There you may put your favorite foods and drinks. As the most visited area, you can decorate the refrigerator area with a beautiful appearance. Take advantage of the wall to display a hanging pot cup rack and some decorations that beautify the room.

A pink kitchenette without upper cabinet

The pink 3D-wallfoam make this small kitchen look soo pink. Better to choose a good quality wall foam that waterproof, oil splash, and heat resistance. If the kitchen size is so small, you can eliminate the upper cabinet. Just hang cookware rack on the walls. You'll get a handy space for cooking.

The laundry room near the bathroom


One of the best places to design a washroom is the area near the bathroom. The area near the bathroom usually has adequate drainage and is suitable for washing clothes on the washing machine.

Drying room in a small, narrow room

A narrow space, you can use it as drying clothes space. Just install a drying roll rack on the walls. This place, you can also use it as place to keep the cleaning tools. If you choose pink knick-knacks in pink, then a whole of the house will look harmonious with a touch of pink.

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