7 Ways To Bring Tropical Style In Your Home


Homiful.com -- Bring relaxing tropical style can make a home feel like a vacation spot. Tropical interior design can be seen from the use of natural materials such as as wood, rattan green plant elements that you should not miss. The presence of greenery in the house can provide a more refreshing room atmosphere.

Until now, homes with tropical designs are still a trend worth trying. Here are 7 ways to bring tropical style in your home that can inspire you!

1. Design a living room with cool plants

Tropical nuances will be more visible if you bring greenery in the room. Including the living room with this one plant decorations that looks beautiful while refreshing the feeling.

2. TV room with a touch rattan

Using environmentally friendly furniture becomes a hallmark of the tropical concept. This TV room is made with facilities complete with rattan chairlifts. That way, this room will be a place to gather with family that bring happiness.

3. Terrace with transparent roof

The function of the terrace does not only beautify the look of the house. But you can use it for a place to relax and sunbathe with other family members. The patio area also looks bright throughout the day, with the use of transparent roof.

4. Bedroom in earthy colors

The design of this tropical concept bedroom is dominated by soothing earthy colors. So that your sleep will be good too. For a more natural atmosphere, the interior of the walls is made unfinished, typical of industrial houses.

5. Bathroom with ventilation

The ideal bathroom is a bathroom that as a circulation system that runs well. Although small, this bathroom is equipped with ventilation that makes the room feel fresher. You don't need a exhaust fan anymore.

6. Apply the concept of open space

The concept of open space becomes important in tropical home design. In addition to regulating air circulation, it also makes the while room feel more relieved. This living room, dining room, and kitchen look functional and comfortable without a partition of the room.

7. Kitchen and dining room with windows

This tropical concept home design has many windows, including a wide kitchen and dining room. So that allows sunlight to enter optimally in the room. To set the incoming lighting, you can use bamboo curtains for a more natural look.

That's 7 ways to bring tropical style in your home that you can apply at home. I hope the information above useful to you. Thank you.

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Author  : Hafsah
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