7 Types Of Succulents With Their Picture And Name


Homiful.com -- Growing houseplants becomes trend during pandemic season. Succulent plants are much liked because they have a beautiful shape and because of their small size you can put as a rom decorations.

Types of succulent plants also have different types with different shapes and all are beautiful. Succulent plants are also easy to care for, so it is suitable for beginners who will start growing plants. Here are 7 types of succulents with their picture and name that you can take home!

1. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is famous for all its health benefits. This type of succulent is easy to grow and does not die easily. Don't put them in direct sunlight. 

2. Echeveria


Echeveria became one of the favorite succulent types because of its stunning appearance. Having a shape like a rose that is in bloom is suitable for your to make as a room decoration. They like sunlight. If you want to put it the room, you can take it out in the morning and evening.

3. Zebra plant


Zebra plant is one of the succulents that has a simple but string appearance that is suitable for decorating a guest table. The combination of green and white looks beautiful and is the reason they are popular.

4. Christmas cactus


Another type of Succulent is Christmas cactus. Christmas cactus are the best choice for home decors. This plant has beautiful red flowers. They can grow well in shady, bright places.

5. Snake Plant


Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) or also known mother-in-law's tongue becomes a plant that can clean the air better that other plants. They also efficiently release oxygen so that the air in the room is cooler.

6.  Sweetheart hoya

The next type of succulent is sweetheart hoya or Hoya kerri. They have a leaf shape, like a perfect heat shape. Hoya will grow at dawn in a bright place  with indirect sunlight.

7. Burro's tail


Burro's tail is a type succulent that will grow beautiful when hung. Succulent leaves are cutely shaped like tails, can reach 1 meter in length. Put  the plant in a bright place for the best growth.

That's 7 type of succulents with their picture and name that you can grow at home. Have you chosen your favorite type of succulent?

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