7 Type of Tradescantia Plants that are Perfect for Hanging Plants

7 Type of Tradescantia Plants that are Perfect for Hanging Plants

Homiful.com -- Hanging type ornamental planting that has bright colors and is very easy to be in various places is perfect for filling the interior or outdoors. This plant with the name tradescantia produces a charming color with leaves that are graded and grow in the direction of light.

A variety of interesting specie you can find in the review below:

Tradescantia Zebrina

This type of Tradescantia Zebrina has a stripe that resembles as zebra. The resulting leaf color is skewed to green with a mixture of purple and black. This plant can grow about 6-12 inches tall. This plant is popular with dark shades and silver white flowers.

Tradescantia Fluminensis Variegata

Plants with timeless specifications in this forest have the appearance of vine leaves with green and white line leaves. Stems that branch and from advective roots. These leaves are slightly fleshy with varying size. The average length and width is about 1.5 and 0.75 inches. This broad and pointed shape has leaves about an inch apart on each stem.

Tradescantia Tricolor

The following tradescantia ornamental plants have fluminences used to make lilac and nanouk cultivars. This tradescantia tricolor plant has leaves with an interesting blend of green, beige and purple red easily. Easily leaf has a different color combination and pattern, with almost deep green leaves, Variegation will be best in these colorful plants when exposed to bright and indirect light.

Tradescatia Sillamontana White Velvet

Like tradescantia in general, this white velvet sillamontana plant grows with collective leaves clustered to form stems. The color of the leaves is green with a mixture of green patterns forming thick flesh like succulent plants. This plant has variety flowers such as bright red, pink, purple and blue. This plant will attract with magenta flowers in the summer.

Tradescantia Pallida

Tradescantia pallida is referred to as Purple Heart. With a leaf shape that resembles as purple day is derived from Mexico. Plants with bright pink flower color, lavender to white can grow up to 7 inches with a purple leaf pattern that can transform into red and green.

Tradescantia A Fiesta of foliage

Plants with soft leaves, 'baby bunny bellies' and 'white velvet' are the best choice to become hanging ornamental plants in the corner of the room. This plant has a very favorite color to look at, such as green, silver to beautiful little light purple. The shape of the leaves is the same as other types that are clustered and easy to grow.

Tradescantia Lilac or Fluminensis

This las species comes form Brazil and Argentina. Plants with beige leaves striped slightly a touch of soft green show its beautiful hue of soft lilac color. This plant includes strong species as perennial plants.

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