7 Stylish Minimalist Living Room Ideas You Can Try Out

Homiful.com -- Minimalism is one of the modern living room styles that looks attractive, feels comfortable and is proven to be easy to apply. The minimalist living room emphasizes simplicity and clean lines to create a simple space that feels airy and clean.

Although it looks simple, but a minimalist living room will also look extraordinarily stylish. You only need to use the things you always use, need and love. If you want to add minimalist living room references that never goes out of style, here are 7 Stylish Minimalist Living Room Ideas You Can Try Out.

Choose a modern clean lines sofa


In a minimalist living room, a sofa is something you will need and use. It could also be the furniture you'll love the most to curl up there. A modern sofa with clean lines and shapes is the best for a minimalist living room. This sleek sofa design will be one thing that make the living room look so cozy and stylish.

Wooden flooring for a warm ambience


This minimalist living room feels so warm, even for those of us who just look at the picture. Thanks to the use of wooden floors, such as vinyl or parquet. There is not much detail on the floor area, so the room still feel spacious. Take advantage of corner lamps with top-down lighting effects that add a dramatic feel to this room.

Soft and soothing color palette


What should be in a minimalist living room is not just a matter of monochromatic objects. It's okay to choose a soft color palette to put in the minimalist living room. A beige sofa, a gray rug, white-bones walls and more, all give a soothing look and feel when neatly arranged.

Eye-catching abstract art


Play with art. Minimalist living room is not that strict. You can add an eye-catching abstract wall art. It will make a minimalist living room even more stand out. This abstract wall art will be a focal point that avoids that monotony of the living room. This colorful and eye-catching look nice on white walls.

A touch of yellow color


Get creative by adding a touch of your favorite color. Yellow color as accent on the minimalist living room is a good idea. You can pick yellow things, such as a yellow rug, a yellow rug, yellowish sofa cushion covers. A touch of yellow color will brighten up a minimalist living room.

Make good use of the walls


Get rid of the things that make the room feel cramped. But we can still make the best use of the walls to create such a stylish minimalist living room. You can use the walls as a place to display wall decor, such decorative frames and plants. If you have a cat at home, use the walls to install cat ladders in the minimalist living room.

Simple yet so stylish


Look at this minimalist living room! It looks so simple yet so stylish with beautiful arrangements. The patterned-rug make the room feel so clean and warm. For the empty-corner, you can place a cast iron plant or aspidistra elatior. The plant adds a natural beauty to a minimalist living room.

That's all for 7 Stylish Minimalist Living Room Ideas You Can Try Out. You can try one or more ideas to be used for your living room.

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