7 Stunning Pictures Of Tall Tree Like Houseplants In the Living Room

7 Stunning Pictures Of Tall Tree Like Houseplants In the Living Room

Homiful.com -- The living room is the main determinant to give an impression for guests who are visiting the house. Therefore, it is important to make the appearance of the living room more beautiful and refreshing. Not only from the visual side, a beautiful living room needs to have a fresh green element of ornamental plants. The choice of ornamental plants is also very diverse and has different varieties. This time you can choose tall ornamental plants such as trees can live well in the room if warranted properly. Here 7 indoor trees that can develop in the living room at home.

Cyrtostachys renda


Red palms or Cyrtostachys renda are a unique type of ornamental plants. Plants with stems, leaves and stalks of a fiery red color grow about 16 meters and from grass with many stems.

This palm plant has benefits that are rarely known to many people, one of which is a plant that is believed to give good luck and can absorb various negative chemicals such as xylene and formaldehyde from carpets or furniture in the living room.

Ficus elastica ruby


Ficus elastica ruby is often called a rubber tree. This plant with a dazzling color pattern has three beautiful color mixtures such as pink, semi-silver and dark green. On the lower surface of the leaves you will a beautiful strong red color. 

This plant gets brighter when it gets enough light with the placement of the unknown direct sun.

Ficus Lyrata


The next great tree plant to fill the living room in the house is fiddle leaf fig or ficus lyrata. This easy-to-live plant has wide leaves and is very popular. Growing more than 10 feet in this room, tolerance to sunlight and not string against indirect sun. If you put it in the sun directly, you will see the leaves of this plant fall.

Ficus elastica burgundy


Ficus plant that you can choose to make the living room fresher is ficus elastica ruby. Plants that look with a small size have beautiful leaves with a red green color that mixes, one is watered and look shiny. This plant grows to 3 to 6 feet. The need is only bright light, indirect sun and some treatment that you need to clean when the leaves are dusty.

Olea European


The next tree in the living room that you can make an option is European olives. Plants with perennial green leaves and have young fruit can be eaten when snapping or after being preserved as a refresher. Fruits from old plants can be squeezed and the oil to extract into olive oil, which is useful for various purposes.

Dragon tree or Dracaena Marginate


The recommended plan for the living room with high stems and this duet is Dracaena Marginate. Tree plants that grow taller than 20 feet, but will not become vertical directly. And include plants that need moderate sunlight.

Parlor palm


Palm trees have many types and can be used as indoor plants filling the living room. One type of parlor palm that has long leaves such as palms grows in abundance around the middle stalk, and can reach high even indoor. Because the tolerance to low light is very exciting if you put it in a room with stable humidity.

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