7 Stunning Houseplants with Red Stripes

7 Stunning Houseplant with Red Stripes

Homiful.com -- If you look at indoor plants, they will definitely be dominant with only green without any other elements that look grabbing. Well, this time you can try new decorations in the room with leafy ornamental plants or red strips to break up the atmosphere.

Ornamental plants that have various types, especially red leaves, will steal your attention every time you pass through the area in the house. The bright red color makes the atmosphere more cheerful and refreshing. Here are 7 ornamental plants that have red stripes that you can choose from.



Coleus is one of the ornamental plants that has colorful leaves with a bright variety of dominant, beautiful red colors. Of the many types of coleus, you can make this one as an interior filler that has beautiful leaves with red and yellow edges. Prepare a large pot to grow this plant and look lush.

Aglaonema 'Red Sumatra'


Aglaonema type ornamental plant that is currently popular is Aglaonema red Sumatra. This will be very suitable for you lovers of ornamental plants with red leaves that spoil the eye. This compact leaf with an elongated elliptical shapes has a red blend, with pink stalks, dark green spots making Ti look exotic when viewed from any angle.

Fittonia Mosaic Skeleton


Next is fittonia. This plant is a beautiful indoor plant with red veins on its leaves. You can place these plants in damp areas, because they are perfect plants for terrariums or bathrooms.

Crodyline Fruticosa


The cordyline plant is an ornamental plant of the Asparagaceae family. This plant is known as the Ti tree, which has quite a variety of types. One of them is cordyline fruticosa which has erect stems with red leaves mixed with burgundy, very beautiful to fill the interior with the room.

Ficus Rubby Plant


Ficus elastica ruby is a delicate evergreen tree species. This plant produces oval dark green leaves, glossy, leathery, red with pink and cream. This plant has a small height of more than 30 m, which can produce oval yellow flowers from small white flowers with yellow centers. This ornamental plant is in bright and indirect sunlight.

Dracaena Marginata


The next ornamental plant is Dracaena Marginata with beautiful tricolor and colorama varieties. This plant can produce oxygen while controlling humidity levels in the room. This plant has an elongated leaf shape with red leaves on the edges. 

Croton Mammy


This crotons mammy plants has a height of about 42 inches, which is one of the smallest cauliflower in the genus Codiaeum. A plant that has a spread of about 2 feet with shiny, leathery, large, thick leaves. These individual leaves are about 8 inches long by one inch wide that are erect, twisted and curled.

Green leaves come in bright colors like pink, yellow and shades of orange. You'll find color at its most intense when placed outdoors in full sun.

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