7 Steps To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds

7 Steps To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds

Homiful.com -- Right now, we're going to try to plant a lemon tree from seeds. For its maintenance, you can prepare pots, soil, light, moisture with maintenance that needs to be taken into consideration. Especially if you are a lover of fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can take advantage of several areas around the house and yard that can be used as vegetable and fruit garden. Let's start about the review of growing lemons from seeds with a few steps below:

Choose lemon seeds from organic lemons


Before you start taking lemon from seed. Keep the lemon seeds from the lemon you eat. Organic lemons you can use to grow new seeds that become big. Avoid drying so that it is ready for planting.

Soil selection


To mix the growing medium of lemon, you need to use a good soil mixture. Such as peat coil, perlite, vermiculite and organic fertilizers. Make sure to drain water to the plant well lightly.

Select container


A small container of wood or plastic with terracotta color will work well to facilitate soil moisture. But if the container is too wet, this allows it to make the lemon seeds or roots rotten.

For the recommendation, you can find a container with a diameter of 8 inches. If you are three years old, transfer it to a container that measure 10 to 12 inches because it needs to grow large.

Plant your lemon tree


Once you see the lemon tree has grown big, you are ready to move it into a pot or a large bucket. Pour the soil before wet into the container. Leaves about an inch of space in the rim of the container. Plant about half an inch below ground level and then completely cover it with soil. Water gently using a watering can.

After that, you can cover it with a plastic container to keep the seeds warm and moist.

Slap the lemon plant in the full sun


Once your lemon sprouts grow, you should place them in a warm location to need direct sunlight. It takes 10 to 14 hours of light each day as it grows.

If you put it indoors, you can give this lemon plant at least 8-10 hours of sunlight every day. 

Lemon plant treatment


Lemon trees that have grown need nutrients to stay healthy. You can give it organic fertilizer such as compact to develop a set of leaves. It takes once or twice a year to fertilize in a plant pot by balancing a good and routine watering. Make sure not to leave this plant inundated with water so that the roots do not rot.

Flush the lemon plant once or twice a week


To maintain soil moisture in lemon plants is very important to do. The ideal frequency is one or twice a week, you also need to adjust lemon watering depending on the weather around.

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