7 Small Bedroom Ideas You'll Love

Homiful.com -- Decorating a bedroom can be a challenging task, especially for those of you who have a small bedroom. You should be able to make your small, compact bedroom look attractive and feel comfortable. Even it could be a challenging task, but we've got some smart tips on how to use a small space to present a bedroom that looks bigger, and it will make you fall in love with it. 

From the choice of color shades to the choice of practical and multifunctional furniture, take a look at these 7 Small Bedroom Ideas You'll Love.

1. Add the rainbow coastal color


Even though you have a small bedroom, surely you don't want the room to look gloomy, right? In a brightly shaded space like this, it is a good idea to add bright and cheerful colored shades, such as sweet coastal-peach and pastel colors. Those colors are very appropriately applied to soft furnishings, be it rug, blanket, pillowcases and more. Your bedroom will look more colorful and give you a positive vibe.

2. Nice simple setup


A nice, simple setting is the key to getting a small room that feels spacious and comfortable. Decluttering your bedroom items. You can even choose to eliminate the big bed frame, and make an impressive on-floor-mattress like this one. On floor mattress look simple, but it will make the space look bigger. Decorate the bedroom space with the plant that are neatly arranged on floating shelves.

3. Expand the bedroom view to the garden


Outsmart the small space bedroom by expanding the visibility in the bedroom area. You're lucky enough, if you have a bedroom that close to the garden or outdoor space. Just install a glass window facing the garden. Glass windows will also help to brighten up the space during the day. Moreover, you'll get a more spacious bedroom by expanding the bedroom view through the glass windows.

4. White is the best friend of small spaces


White is a small bedroom's best friend. Shades of white or any neutral color will make the room look clean, bright and bigger. Avoid monotony by applying other color combinations such as beige or natural brown to make it more homey.

5. Small bedroom in soft color ideas


Beyond white, you can still make a small bedroom in a soft color. For example, the bedroom above. The pink walls and purple bedding give a clear soft statement to the room. Fitted furniture is equipped with  dim light that appears to radiate from the furniture. This dim lights add a warm and romantic feel to this room.

6. Lovely Decorations


You'll love a small bedroom with your favorite decorations. Pick lovely but multifunctional decorations. You can install mirror on the walls. The mirrors act as decoration as well as furniture that adds a bigger room illusion. Make the most of the walls to install hanging racks as a place to display your small ornaments.

A warm and cozy small bedroom

Lying in the small bedroom becomes more fun with the feel of a warm and cozy room like this. The vinyl flooring and PVC ceiling with natural wood motif add a cozy and intimate vibe to the room. A bedding in a tropical pattern add its own freshness to the room.

The simple, small bedroom, but neatly arranged, sure to make anyone fall in love with it. You can choose one or more ideas to be adapted to your small bedroom. By applying some ideas, may your bedroom become a place you truly love.

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