7 Sansevieria Varieties Plant Proper

7 Sansevieria Varieties Plant Proper

Homiful.com -- All varieties of snake plant are succulents that grow well indoors as ornamental plants or outdoors. This plant has a lot of varieties and includes ornamental plants that are very good for home interior decoration.

Some snake plants have flat green leaves with long shapes. But in addition to the shape of long leaves, you can find a small, wide, round leaf shape with a pointed tip. What kind of snake plant is right for you to have? Check out the following review:

Sansevieria Black Dragon


Sansevieria black dragon is an ornamental plant native to Africa that can hardly be destroyed because it is very tolerant to low light and drought. This plant is ideal for beginners. Rare varieties with thick green leaves, not dark and a very compact shape. This snake plant has become very popular because of its air purifiers that can filter out toxins and is highly recommended improving air quality in rooms or office.

Sansevieria Robusta


The next plant is Sansevieria robusta. Ornamental plants that fall into this type of succulent have upright leaves with a green color and mix silvery white with horizontal models.

This plant is one of the plants recommended by NASA as one of the best plant to improve indoor air quality to absorb toxins. You can place this plant indoors, because it is very tolerant to low light level and irregular watering. San sevieria robusta will grow in height and width of 60 cm -1 m.

Sansevieria Laurentii


One variety of Sansevieria plant that can grow tall is the cultivar Laurentii. This snake plant has yellow, green leaves with a slightly grayish color patterned with long lines.

This plant can grow between 2-4 feet. This types of string leafy plant grows well in all conditions, because its high-growing nature makes this type of tropical ornamental plant to be beautiful to be placed in several corners of the room.

Sansevieria Whale Fin


This Sansevieria plant has leaves like whale fins called Sansevieria whale fins. With sturdy leaves, this plant grows with new shoots emerging front the base of the stem. Sansevieria is a type of plant that is easy to care for and can be grown indoors or outdoors. You just need to treat it regularly with watering every 2 minutes or when the media is dry.

Sansevieria Moonshine


This type of moonshine snake plant is very interesting with the color of pale leaves, silvery green and spear-shaped. This moonshine snake plant has pointy succulent leaves that are quite outer and dark green margins are attractive. These ornamental plants have easy treatment and are ideas for beginners or plant experts.

Sansevieria Masoniana


Called Mason's Congo, varieties Sansevieria has broad and attractive leaves. This plant is known for its long leaves with an almost oval shape. The large leaves grow up to 4 feet long and are about 10 feet long at their widest point. This plant has the appeal of semi-succulent plants. Bright golden yellow and pale yellow stripes are quite contrasted with dark green color warrants.

Sansevieria Silver Flame


This beautiful silver flame plant has broad, dark green leaves edged with clusters of silver specks.

Each silver leaf with a green list makes the appearance of this Sansevieria leaf very stunning. This small, pointed leaf shape is very common with several other types. Maintenance that is still very easy and suitable for beginners is suitable to be placed in the interior of the house.

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