7 Plant-Filled Living Rooms for Serious Decor Inspiration

Homiful.com -- Make the living room more stylish, filled with full of plants. Plants will give a special-happiness in the living room. They will also refresh the atmosphere of the air inside. If you have decided to decorate your living room full of plants, you better know how to arrange them properly. So, your living room won't look so crowded with the plants. 

Find out how to decor a living room with plants on 7 Plant-Filled Living Rooms for Serious Decor Inspiration.

1. Liven up every corner with plants


Want a living room full of plants but not looking stuffy? Try the living room design above in your home. The seating area is left spacious with no plants getting in the way. Only potted-plants are placed on the coffee table. For plants, various plants are neatly arranged around the sofa and corner of the room. The vertical space is also nicely decorated with various hanging plants that brighten up the feel of the living room.

2. Living room as plant base camp


There are many types of indoor plants in the world. If you are a fan of indoor plants, then you can make the living room a plant base camp. You can arrange the plants on the table, near the TV or any spot you like. Although full of plants, the combinations of leaves with various shapes makes the living room not look excessive.

3. Big foliage to create a big statement


A big foliage plant creates a lush and tropical look into a living room, even if you only put one. Place big foliage plants, such as a giant bird of paradise plant in the right place, a spot that does not interfere your movement in the living room. You can place them in the corner of the living room near the window.

4. Natural dynamic living room with plants


Some position in the living room can be the best place for green plants to grow, say near the window or living room windowsill. You can set up the area around the window as the special place for the plants. Natural light that illuminates the greenery will help them grow better. These lights will also present you a visually beautiful and cool living room.

5. The perfect color combination for living room plants


Yes, you can place indoor plants in any position you like. But also pay attention to the living room furniture with the plants. In a living room filled with plants, you can add a splash of color that is even more refreshing. Try to bring an orange soft furnishing, such as  an orange rug, an orange throw and orange cushions. All of these make for the perfect color combination for a plant-filled living room.  

6. Minimalist living room with plant decor inspiration


In the rule of minimalism, you are advised not to overdo it in decorating the room. You can get around this rule by choosing green plant as decoration. Try to choose sofa cushions in the form of leaves or in tropical green colors and patterns. Add some organic plants, if you believe you can take care of it. If not sure, just choose the type of artificial plant that gives off a natural vibe, just like the real thing.

7. Perfect corner-space with plants


Watching plants grow well is a fun thing to do. Without having to leave the house, you can have a variety of low-light-condition plants in the corner of the living room. The different leaf shapes will make the corner space more perfect and dynamic. The existence of main furniture such as sofa, coffee table and ottoman chairs, makes you able to linger here.

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