7 Modern Indoor Plant Decor Ideas


Homiful.com -- Green plants in the room will beautify and the presence of green plants can also refresh the room. You are free to use decorations in the form of green plants to make the look of a more lively home, and you can use it as the center of attention to cool the eyes.

Interested in using greenery for home decoration? Here are 7 modern indoor plant decors ideas that can inspire you!

1. TV room with plant decoration


The following TV room decoration ideas look beautiful with plant decorations. For those of you who do not have time to care for plants, you can choose a Cactus that has low maintenance. They will look stunning near the TV table.

2. Stunning living room with bonsai


If you usually just put a vase of flowers on the living room table. You can try decorating bonsai trees to get a cooler and charming living room look. Bonsai plants are also believed to bring good luck at home.

3. Beautiful room with green walls

Want to have a indoor garden, but have a small land? You can apply the concept of vertical garden. This green wall manages to make the atmosphere of the room more alive and can refresh the eyes.

4. Beautiful bedroom with ZZ plant


Create a bedroom design that is so beautiful by using indoor plant decorations. ZZ plants are often placed in the corner of the room. For a more natural look, you can choose a pot made of charming rattan.

5. Plants in the kitchen


Want more fun cooking? You can use plant decorations in the kitchen. There are many types of plants that you can choose from. Snake plants can make the kitchen cooler. While Golden pothos you can place on top of the wall cabinet to beautify.

6. Beautiful laundry room with plants


Are you often to wash your clothes? The idea of a laundry room located near this indoor garden you can make as an inspiration. As for giving the impression of a more lively room, you can put a bonsai tree in the corner of the room.

7.  Bathroom with cool plants


The bathroom is not only used for bathing. But you can use it as a calming place to relax. Well, for a cooler atmosphere, you can use refreshing greenery decorations.

These are 7 examples of indoor plant decors ideas that inspire you. Where's your favorite plant?

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