7 Indoor Plants with Rainbow Foliage

7 Indoor Plants with Rainbow Foliage

Homiful.com -- Colorful plants are a beautiful addition to fill the room in the house. Bright and beautiful ornamental plants are much asked by ornamental plant lovers because of the fresh eye-catching nuances and livening up the atmosphere.

Although there are many ways to live the interior at home so more alive with various decorations or other furniture, this time you can switch to fresh and more natural ornamental plants, Read on 7 ornamental plants favorite colors that can brighten your home.

Coleus Atropurpureus


The first plant that can fill the void with corners in the house is the Coleus Atropurpureus plant. This type of shrub plant that reaches 1.5 meters high has varied leaves. Soft stems with tapered leaf ends and flat edges and blunt base is perfect if planted in the yard.

Leaves with a red color mixed with yellow and beautiful ledge shape, you can fid several other types.

Ficus Elastica Ruby


Ornamental plants with shiny green leaves look classic, this classic variegated version is striking. You must have one between these Ficus for collectors of ornamental plants with colorful leaves. This types of leaf are also called ruby Ficus, striped with a combination of sea foam green, dark green, cream and red color. This tall plants are very suitable if placed in the corner of your rash. The plants like indirect sunlight. With a good soil PH, you can give extra care and replace it into another pot if it is too large.

Caladium Pink Splash


This pretty pink caladium can illuminate the shaded space, there is no better option that the graceful dawn color leaves of the caladium splash. A striking variety of varieties with full color and a very stirring pink. Large heart-shaped leaves create a wonderfully soothing impact if placed in a sleeping chaff. Veins and striking green central borders characterize fresh, translucent pink leaves. Plants that grow about 14- 16 inches tall love indirect sun with moderate moisture and include 3 enormous caladium bulbs. 

Cardyline Fruticosa "Stacey"


Cordyline plant is an ornamental plant family Asparagaceae that comes from Southeast Asia, this local plants are knows as a beautifully large plant and can grow tall. Some types of this plant are only deep green, but this one type can fill the void in the house. The surface of the leaves are shiny like there is a certain later that makes this plant more attractive at the corners. Dark green color mixed with magenta on the edges seem to frame the leaves perfectly. 

Philodendron Pink Princess


Named philodendron pink princess, cause leaves that resemble that shape of the day dark green and pink color combination. Plants that have leaves with a wax coating on this surface will make it look shiny. The width of the pink princess leaves is 22 cm long and 12 cm wide. Pink color is formed due to the lack of green leaf substances or chlorophyll.

You can plant this plant by hanging or  growing it in a room pot.

Tradescantia Fluminensis Tricolor


One type of vine that is beautiful to fill the window sill in the house, this Tradescantian Fluminence plant has three colors, namely white, green and pink. The refreshing leaf color in the shape of a small oval has a wax coating that make it look glossy. This popular plant native to southern Brazil grows well throughout the year because it has a good rate of adaption in each season.

 Cornus "Celestial Shadow"


The celestial shadow dogwood tree is a spectacularly beautiful little tree you can enjoy all year round. Spring plants begin with leaves that vary from creamy-white and dramatic green. This time of May and early June is overshadowed by masses of large pure white flowers. This good all summer and fall plant light up for its pinks and reds. The tree reaches 20 feet tall, which is ideal for placing in the yard, where it will create a colorful background.  

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