7 Indoor Plants That Bring Good Things For Your Home

Homiful.com -- Indoor plants, we know, they can provide a fresh atmosphere and help to purify the air. So, we can get the good quality of life when we are indoors with indoor plants in it.

However, did you know that there are also some plants that are believed to bring good things and positive energy into the house? Yes, in fact, there are indoor plants that are believed to be able to provide that. What plants are they? Find the answer in 7 Indoor Plants That Bring Good Things For Your Home


1. Orchid


Orchids are one of the good luck plants. Orchids flowers are beautiful. They are also associated with fertility, which makes them perfect to be placed for a newlywed couple's home. Orchids are also believed to provide protection from negativity. You just need to put it in a place with sufficient sunlight as well as regular watering and fertilizing.

2. Aloe Vera Plants


Aloe vera is a plant that has amazing healing abilities. Good for your skin and body health. The complete aloe vera plants can also remove chemical pollutants from the air. Keep it in a plant holder, it will help to improve the air in your living space. You'll get the freshness from the air you breathe. 

3. Pachira Money Tree


Pachira money plant is included in the list of top ten lucky plants. This plant is seen as plants that will invite good fortune into the house. As the name implies, the money tree is rumored to bring prosperity and wealth. Realistically, this plant will be a good decoration that make your home feel so natural and full of freshness.

4. Hawaiian Ti


Hawaiians believe this plant has mystical powers. The Hawaiian Ti comes in variety of colors, from fuchsia,  green to pink and more. When grown indoors, this plant is said to be able to increase good fortune luck, long life and lasting love to all residents.

5. Lucky Bamboo


You may already be familiar with this green plant. In feng shui belief, lucky bamboo plant is a good lucky plant with specific arrangement. Ever bamboo stalk in a vase of water tied with a red ribbon bring good fortune. This plant can invite happiness, good luck, longevity and wealth. 

6. Jade plant


Jade plant (Crasura ovata) is an easy and simple plant. They look strong and beautiful at the same time. They are also considered as the symbol of the good luck, along with other good luck plants. For the new years, you can get this plant. Maybe this plant can be a good start to bring more goodness and good luck in the coming year.

7. Chinese Money Plant


Chinese money plant is also known as Pilea Peperomioides. Chinese money plant is believed to bring money and prosperity, good fortune and positivity to the homeowner. This plant has a leaf shape that is slightly round and slightly tapered, with a small size. They like indirect sunlight. You can keep it in a bright place near the window.

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