7 Indoor Plants Perfect for the Small-Space Gardener

Homiful.com -- Not all of us are blessed with a large garden yard. For that, one way to get around the limited space is to use the inner space as a small-space garden. Creating an indoor garden doesn't have to take up a lot of space. Simply, you can use of the empty-space as a place to care for and display your indoor plants. 

Don't get the wrong type of plant that is suitable for a small garden! Plants that are too big will take a lot of space, while plants that are too small will be invisible to the eye. You also need to know some indoor plants and how to arrange them in a small space. Find out the 7 Indoor Plants Perfect for the Small-Space Gardener.

1. Begonias on the wooden shelf


Begonias are plants that are praised for their beautiful leaf shapes. The leaves have different patterns between each variety. You are so lucky, if you have a complete collection of begonias like this. They need bright, indirect light, and warm temperatures to be at their best. You can place them on a wooden shelf, and you'll have a stylish, small-space garden at your home.

2. Hanging plants (Monstera adansonii, tradescantia, and philodenderon)


It's easy to become a small-space gardener. You can even use windows for that. Place hanging plants on the hanger just above the window. Hang the plants with macramé rope that will hang potted plants firmly. The best plants to hang are monstera adansonii, tradescantia zebrina and some philo. The leaves can grow dangling, which you can make it as natural window curtains.

3. Sansevieria on the stairs


Sansevieria is a friendly plant. It is easy to care for with great benefit that can purify the air. Sansevieria has hard, succulent, upright leaves with tapered ends. The plant is known as snake plant or the tongue-in-low plant because of its sharp shape. You can arrange them on the-edge-of the stairs. These plants will serve as replacement for railing stairs. You'll also get a more stunning staircase visual.

4. Cute succulent plants for wooden shelf


Beautify your bare walls by making them as a small-space garden. You just need to hang a wooden wall shelf. Fill with various types of succulent plants that can grow indoors, such as bunny cactus, string-of-pearls plant, and more. Although small, but succulent plant as perfect to be placed on a small floating shelf. They will give you a beautiful and unique visual statement.

5. Anthurium Crystallinum


You must have this shape-hearted leafy plant. Anthurium Crystallinium can be an interesting focal point, even for a small indoor garden. These plant love bright indirect light and high humidity. During summer, anthuriums require more water than other seasons. You may have to water it a few days of a week.

6. Euphorbia milii


Euphorbia milii is also known as the crown of thorns. This flowering plant is sure to blow your mind, but watch out for the sharp spikes on its body. Actually, this plant prefer bright, direct sunlight. But you can place them on a very sunny window that can receive 3-4 hours of direct sunlight.


7. Vertical garden with indoor greenery


Plants are sure making up happy. You can make a wider vertical garden like this. Place some indoor plants that you love, such as bamboo palms,  philodendron, flamingo lily and more. Be sure to choose a cool-looking plant pots for an indoor vertical garden.

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