7 Houseplant That are Safe for Pets

7 Houseplant That are Safe for Pets

Homiful.com -- The house is a comfortable place that is used for the continuity of any activity. Without natural element, succulents to some other ornamental plants that are safe for your pet at home. Especially when you have a dog or yellow pet that used to chew leaves and some plants can be toxic to brands. Of course, you can choose ornamental plants to provide brightness and refresh the room. Here are the types of plants you can choose:

African Violet


African violet originated in Tanzania. This plant is perfect for you lovers of indoor plants to be the best choice. Plants that like the temperature with average inertia can be recognized from the flowers that grow throughout the year. In addition to the color of purple flowers, you can find red, white, pink and blue.

Spider Plant


The next plant that is safe for pets in this house can be a consideration, because this plant is easiest to grow. Plants that thrive even in dim light. These spider plants should be well dried and placed in a cool area inside.

Prayer Plant


Calathea marantha or commonly called this prayer plant includes a low-growing plant with different veins and ribs on the surface of its leaves. Plants with red veins are decorated with patterns painted on top. This plant grows slowly but can grow up to the height of one foot indoors. This prayer plant is also the most exposed tropical plant with beautiful decorative. BY having dark green velvet leaves with  yellow patches on the smelter and curved red veins that spread to the edge of the leaves.

Christmas Cactus


Brazilian plants commonly called Christmas cactus will only bloom a few weeks during the winter at Christmastime. Plants that grow with branches dangling down with shiny green leaves and beautiful petals. When you choose this plant as an indoor plants, be sure to choose soil with good quality and stay a little wet. Because this cactus likes a more humid climate, you can spray a little water on the leaves.

Rattlesnake plant


Rattlesnake or Calathea Lancifolia plants are ornamental plants that have a fairly complicated treatment, but you can provide the care they need so that is looks more impressive than the leaves owned. This plant originating in the Brazilian rainforest gets common name from the distinctive decorative markings displayed on its leaves.

This plant grows up to 30 inches with large leaves having a variegated pattern with shades of green and wavy patterns along its edges.

Cast Iron Plant


Cast iron plant or commonly called aspidistra elatior become plants that are difficult to kill. This beautiful outer leaf plant within its growth zone can survive many with  growing conditions like other plants. This plant has curved leaves, spear shape, dark green and shiny color with a length of 2 feet and a width of 4 inches. This cast iron plant has quite a long growth and in spring you are ready to grow it, because it is now the best time for you to plant.

Haworthia Zebra


Haworthia fasciata commonly referred  as to as the zebra plants is a very small ornamental succulent, with a height of 5 to 8 inches. Plants that have thick dark green leaves and white tubercles on the outer surface give a zebra effect.
When you take care of this plant, there is no need for more effort in watering. This plant is able to survive for weeks. The second plants is very beautiful in the container and is perfect for room interior.

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