7 Gorgeous Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Homiful.com -- Don't be discouraged if you have a small master bedroom! A small space can be turned into a bedroom that makes you comfortable and sleep better. Just by maximizing the small space with right layout and visual arrangement. And voilĂ , you'll get  beautiful and super comfortable small master bedroom.

Find out more ideas to make a gorgeous small master bedroom on 7 Gorgeous Small Master Bedroom Ideas.

White is the best color for small master bedroom


White is the perfect color for a small master bedroom. It can make a bedroom space look spacious and bright. Combine white with wooden floor to add a warm atmosphere into the bedroom. Don't let the room look stiff. Place some indoor plants around it. The plants add a splash of life into this white & small bedroom.

Cozy small master bedroom with a navy color vibe


Besides white, there are still many color vibes that are suitable for a small master bedroom. One of them, a bedroom with shades of navy blue. The navy-blue wall color combined with the white bed sheets create a cozy and calming bedroom feel. 

Small master bedroom with tropical look


Choose the best theme for your small bedroom. Bedroom ideas with a tropical vibe are one of the best bedroom themes for all year round. 

You can paint the walls with turquoise color and accent 3 colors on them. Add a peach color to your painting or bedsheets for a splash of color. Amp up the tropical vibe by placing plants around the bedroom. You'll get a nice, tropical master bedroom look.

Neatly organized floor bed design


The idea of eliminating beds can be a great way to make your small master bedroom so gorgeous. The bedroom will not look full and stuffy. Arrange furniture close to the wall to get more room to move. Keep the bedroom clutter-free for a more comfortable bedroom feel.

Simple and minimalist small master bedroom arrangement


No more a cluttered bedroom, no more a depressed mood. Keep your mood happy and stable by arranging your bedroom in a simple, minimalist arrangement. Don't put too much stuff in the room. Just pieces of functional furniture. Like the bedroom above. It just needs a nightstand to place a drinking water, aromatherapy and plants. Wall shelf is used to hang some clothes. And on floor bed that makes the room look better.

Add a splash of color


Give a stunning color contrast to your small master bedroom. In a white bedroom, choosing bed sheets with a yellow pineapple pattern is a small thing that makes a big impact. It adds a refreshing splash of color. Somehow, the pattern also makes the room cuter.

Expand your small master bedroom with an open courtyard


The best way to make your small bedroom look bigger is by expanding it. You can install a folding door or window that directly overlooks the open garden. Just open the folding door to provide fresh breeze into the room. This idea will make your bedroom spacious, you'll also get a calm and cozy feel.


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