7 Gorgeous Indoor Plants That are Almost Impossible to Kill

Homiful.com -- Now it's easier to find beautiful plants around us. Seeing it thrive and beautiful, we want to be at home. Wait! Are you ready to treat it with the right treatment? If not, the beautiful and expensive plant might just die.

Taking care of plants is fun. However, if you are a novice gardener or busy homeowner, it is better to choose some hard to kill houseplants that could grow well in your home. Even if you forget to water it or water it too much, placing the plants in a place too shady or bright, these plants will not die easily. 

Find an indoor plant that you can  keep alive on 7 Gorgeous Indoor Plants That are Almost Impossible to Kill.

1. Hoya Obata Splash (Wax Plant)


Hoya is a plant that grows vines and twist, its height can reach 3 meters. Its attractive appearance makes this plant very popular as vine plants or hanging plants. 

These plants require little to no maintenance to thrive. But, no matter how much you neglect it, hoya is a hard to kill plant. Just place them on medium to bright indirect light that they love. They also don't require constant watering and high humidity level.

2. Dracaena marginata (Dragon Tree)


This plant is also known as dragon tree. Dracaena marginata has leaves that look pointed elongated growing upright. Thin stem support green leaves with red at the tips of the leaves. This plant is proven by NASA as indoor plant that can absorb air pollutant from the air. The plant is also drought tolerant and nearly indestructible under any growing conditions.

3. Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ Plant)


ZZ plant has leaves with a thick and slightly glossy texture. You only need to wipe it with a clean cloth, if the leaves are exposed to dust. This plant is tolerant of dry and low light conditions. Due to minimal maintenance, ZZ plant is perfect for a novice gardener. The size is not too big, it'll look good to be placed on the table in a beautiful Kokedama-style.

4. Aspidistra elatior (Cast Iron Plant)


Aspidistra is an attractive plant that is native to Japan and Taiwan. The plant is slow-growing with its glossy green leaves. As the name implies, cast-iron plant can survive in extreme temperature fluctuations and drought-tolerant. The plant can grow in low light and poor air quality, even in gas-lit Victorian home. Place them in a simple white pot, then you'll have a stunning classic of cast iron plant.

5. African spear plant (Sansevieria cylindrica)


Almost all types of sansevieria are low-maintenance plants. But, this African spear plant is a must-have plant. The leaves are cylindrical and grow upright. It looks so beautiful placed in this pink ethnic pot. 

The plant can grow in low-light conditions, they can even live on very little water. Unfortunately, if you have pets, this plant is unsafe for dogs and cats.

6. Fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata)


Fiddle leaf fig is a darling plant for home decor enthusiast. The leaves of this plant can grow large with a unique texture that offers a natural statement in the living space. It is also simple to care for. Just put them in bright indirect light and once a month give them fertilizer. Pay attention, this plant is quite toxic to pet animals who like to chew leaves.

7. Air plant (Tilandsia xerographica)


As the name implies, air plant survive without soil or water. You don't need to care it with special treatments. The plant uses its roots only to attach itself to its host and relies solely on its leaves to absorb water and nutrients (But it's not a parastic plant).

You can place the air plants on a glass container or DIY hanging rack to make it look stand-out. Mist them daily or soak the plant in water weekly, so the plant will continue to grow even without water or soil.

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