7 Eye-catching Landscaping Inspirations with Croton Plant

Homiful.com -- Croton plants are now increasingly popular. Thanks to the beautiful colorful leaves of the plant that make is stand out, when compared to other greenery. Croton plants native to India and Malaysia. The name "croton" is taken from the Greek word mean tick as the seeds that resemble tick. 

Croton plants can be your fairy garden. It will be a perfect point of interest in your landscaping garden. If you don't believe it, please take a look at these 7 Eye-catching Landscaping Inspirations with Croton Plant.

Croton plants for container garden


There are more than 100 varieties of croton plants. But, you can't miss this croton petra. They have a stunning leaves color range from red, orange, green and yellowish color. Somehow, when you put them on a container garden like this, croton plants will add a vibrant look that make your landscaping even more eye-catching.

Beautiful croton plants garden in a small-space


If you have a collection of croton plants, you can make a beautiful croton gallery like this. Place the croton plant on various pot or container like this. Various shape of clay pots will make a croton garden, which even in a small garden will look more unique. Add a classic trellis as an elegant backdrop for this small-space garden landscaping design.

Croton plant and cacti garden landscaping ideas


Show your love for croton plant and friends by making a special showcase for them. You can arrange croton plant and cacti side by side. You don't need to arrange them so neatly, even with random arrangement will make the showcase look so freshly beautiful.

Make them clearly visible


If you've decided to add croton plants, make sure you make them clearly visible. What we mean, make the arrangement of croton plant, do not cover each other's croton. Tall croton plants can be placed at the very back, so the short ones can be seen.


Show them on pot holder


Having a garden landscaping full of plant is a bless.The showy plants like croton, of course good to be seen. You can place the croton plant in a pot on top of the pot holder. No need such expensive pot holder, you can pick an affordable pot holder, like this mini wooden table.

A showy container garden with croton plants


A small container can turn into this unique container garden. You just need to provide a small container filled with mixing soil. Arrange showy plants, such as coleus plants with red and burgundy leaves on it. The croton sunny star is perfect to place in the center of the container. The yellowish leave will add a beautiful contrast to this container.

Small croton garden


Turn the empty-space into a stunning croton garden. You can grow various croton plants on it. Attach a wire mesh rack as a medium to grow vines. The longer vines grow,  the fresh green shades will enhance this croton plant garden.

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