7 Expert Tips for a Lush, Green Terrace Garden

Homiful.com -- If you don't have an open land on the ground, but lucky enough to have a terrace, then you can get a green terrace garden. A terrace garden is also called a roof garden. You can grow flowers, vegetables, or fruits on there.

Even if you have a small terrace garden, you can make it more lushly. We've snipped from The Better India about 7 Expert Tips for a Lush, Green Terrace Garden. The pioneer of terrace gardening in India, Dr. Kadur Viswanath tell us some secret to make a lush and most amazing terrace garden. Here are the secrets:

1. Getting started with the right space


If the house is built with a solid and correct and structure, anything can be planted on the terrace garden, including take the weight of bigger trees. You can cover terrace floor surface with soil and make a lawn there. Just make sure the terrace have adequate drainage and waterproofing surface.

2. Get the right soil rich in nutrients


A green terrace garden need the right soil to make it look so lush. You must know the soil mixture that is suitable to grow vegetables, fruits or flowers. You can get the right mixture soil, include regular soil, peat coir compost, and vermicompost. Dr. Kadur said, after a heavy rain make sure you add important nutrients to the soil, as rainwater tends to wash it away.

3. Start with small pot and single plant


If you are a first-time gardener, you can begin with a small pot and single pot. And then, gradually expand the collection of plants in the terrace garden. Some plants and flowers are easy to grow, but you still have to be patient to get the best result from the plants you grow.

4. You can grow all plants on a terrace garden


Everything you can grow on a terrace garden. If you want to have a lush kitchen garden, you can try to grow chilies, tomatoes, okra, lime carrots, onion, and more, all those plants tend to easy to grow. But, it is still okay if you want to grow ornamental plants. The tropical plants, such as Dieffenbachia, calathea and croton are good choices to make a fresh and lush terrace garden.

5. Add shade


A terrace garden can be made open without a roof, but you can design it like a green house. Some plants can grow well in the shade, so they can thrive. A shade like this one can avoid some certain plants from getting scorched.

6. Regular watering


Even on an open space, your plants still need a constant watering. In summer, water your plants twice. In winter, check the moisture and water with the back of your hand to check the soil condition. Dr. Kadur also advise against watering the garden when it rains, even the day after it rains, as excess water will strip essential nutrients from the soil.

7. Grow the plants with love


Dr. Viswanath Kadur said that we need to treat the plants like babies, so they'll give such astonishing result. It also require patient and regular maintenance, so your plants grow lush, and you will get a lush, green terrace garden.

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Author : Yeni
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Source : The Better India

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