7 Excellent Ideas to Display Living Room Indoor Plants

Homiful.com -- In fact, plants can indeed make us happy. Indoor plants that are placed in the living room also have a double function. They can act as decorations that beautify the room. The room will look more vibrant and fresh. Indoor plants without us even realizing it also provide a supply of clean air in the room. 

If you need some ideas to arrange the plants in the living room, here are 7 Excellent Ideas to Display Living Room Indoor Plants.

Let the plants dangle down


Indoor plants with dangling leaves like pothos are perfect for hanging from a height. You can hang vines on the second floor railing. Let them grow dangling down to give a simple, urban jungle living room vibe. When the plants grow lengthwise, they can act as natural curtains in the living room.

Floating shelves display


You can display living room indoor plants on the floating shelves, like this one. Floating shelves are a great way to organize and display indoor plants, especially vines or small leafy plants. Plants will be clearly visible without making the living room look so crowded and stuffy.

Indoor plants around the TV


If you put the TV in the living room, don't let this TV feature look lonely or empty. Display living room indoor plants around the TV. The plants will make the TV area feel so lively. You can place the plants on the TV table, next to that table, or install a wooden palette to display more plants in vertical shape.

Attach indoor plants to the walls


Running out of spaces to display indoor plants? Why not use the wall as a place to display your plant collection? Attach potted plants strongly to the walls. Or you can make the floating potted plants can be disassembled from the walls when you have to water these plants. Overall, potted plants on the walls will make you have a great green walls in the living room.

A simple plant holder


Fill the empty corner in the living room to display living room indoor plants. You can use a simple, wooden plant holder to show off your tropical plant, such as calathea lutea plant. The wooden plant holder, a clay pot and greenery create a strong natural statement in the living room.

Neat and hidden arrangement around the sofa


No matter how full the living room is with indoor plants, make sure the moving space or walking access is not blocked by the presence of these plants. You can try to display indoor plants around the sofa. Plants that can grow tall, such as the ZZ plant can be placed behind the sofa. While, the short plants will be good to be placed on a short table around the living room.

Indoor plants at living room corner


You don't need to place the indoor plant in all points of the living room. Just place one position that perfect for indoor plant growth, and it will look best. You can display indoor plants in the living room corner near the window. Natural light from the window will greatly help the growth of indoor plant that love bright indirect light condition.

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