7 Exceptional Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Homiful.com -- Building an open kitchen does seem like an ambitious project. But in fact, the outdoor kitchen can be a versatile and fun place. Having an outdoor kitchen makes you're able to cooking and eating in the open air. You can also make it a place to enjoy a summer party and intimate dinner there.

In fact, an outdoor kitchen can be built easily in the remaining outdoor-space in your home. You want to know outdoor kitchen ideas that are easy to realize? Here are 7 Exceptional Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs.

1. Outdoor Kitchen Bar with Pergola


Still have more than enough backyard space? Make it a cool outdoor kitchen bar like this. This kitchen has wooden pergola on top, although it may take some time, but making a pergola will complete your outdoor kitchen. The pergola will give off a Caribbean look. It also provides shades, so cooking and eating outside doesn't feel too hot. 

2. Make it so outdoor by installing a skylight


This outdoor kitchen carrier no-outdoor plans. The kitchen placement is on the outer side of the house, but the kitchen arrangement make it still feels like an indoor kitchen. The kitchen is purposely equipped with skylights that provide bright natural light to the kitchen area.

3. Small Outdoor Kitchen as a Wet Kitchen


There are kitchen models that are deliberately made outdoors as a wet kitchen. This kitchen is used to cook strong flavored dishes, so the smell does not linger indoors.  For example, this kitchen. This outdoor kitchen has a small size that is easy  and affordable to build for small outdoor space.

4. Outdoor Kitchen with Outdoor Mezzanine Design


The backyard can be used as an open kitchen, as a space that can accommodate eating and relaxing activities with family. 

Above the kitchen is an outdoor mezzanine. The outdoor mezzanine frame is used wooden material that gives a natural impression to the backyard. The outdoor mezzanine floor is utilized as a sunbathing or a garden, so the backyard landscaping can be maximized in its appearance and function.

5. DIY Solid Countertops


When building an outdoor kitchen, choose the best materials for kitchen furniture. You can try to make solid countertops that are strong and durable. The material can be concrete or solid cement. For finishing touch, you can apply your favorite pattern on colors on the countertops supports. You can also install mini curtains that look match with the look of your outdoor kitchen.

6. Upcycled Brick and Wood Outdoor Kitchen


You can build the perfect outdoor kitchen with wooden and brick materials. The wooden materials are well-applied for under-countertops-cabinet doors and dining set furniture. While the brick materials look great and strong as the pillar of the outdoor kitchen building with a solid roof on it. It will give you a modern and natural feel that blends wonderfully.

7. Colorful Outdoor Kitchen Flooring


A small outdoor kitchen will look better with a great flooring. You can choose colorful and full-of-pattern floor tiles that will give a better look. Vintage-style tiles with vibrant patterns and bright color will also enliven the atmosphere of an outdoor kitchen. Install a transparent roof as shade and cover from the raindrops, if you have a narrow-alley kitchen like this.

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