7 Different Types of Zebra Plant Varieties: Haworthia Plant

7 Different Types of Zebra Plant Varieties: Haworthia Plant

Homiful.com -- Haworthia is a very popular small succulent plant from South Africa. This plant is generally cultivated, with a small size, and is more tolerant to simple lighting than many other types of succulent plants. You can grow it successfully indoors or outdoors, where snow rarely occurs briefly.

Take a look at several types of haworthia plants with zebra motifs that can be your succulent collection at home. 

Haworthia Fasciata F. Variegata


This first type is actually quite diverse. Its name is haworthia fasciata f. variegata. This plant has a white ridge that forms horizontally across yellow-green leaves that resemble zebra stripes. This plant has variations on its leaves that help clumps of 6 to 8 inches with a height of 3 to 4 inches.

This plant is also able to tolerate low light in the room, so it is very good to be used as an ornamental plant even for beginners.

Haworthia Reinwardtii


This plant was previously a species of flower plant of succulents. This haworthia reinwardtii includes perennial succulents that can grow about 20  cm tall with basal rosettes from fleshy leaves and white speckles with spiral patterns. Spreading plants from mats with freely produced offsets. Haworthia reinwardtii has a larger, flatter and whiter tubercle on its leaves. With narrow leaves and also thin. 

Haworthia Fasciata Alba


Haworthia fasciata alba is commonly knowing as the zebra super plants. The characteristics of this plant is a plant with long green and fleshy leaves. The outside of this leaf has a white color with zebra stripes that when growing up reaches 20 cm tall with a diameter of about 20 cm.

This plant will produce white flowers in the summer. Because this plant is very balanced, you can make this plant as an idea plant for anyone.

Haworthia Attenuata Variegata


Haworthia attenuata variegata is a cactus plant with perennial dark green leaves with silvery-white vertical varieties. This plant is highlighted with silvery white vertical varieties, yellow to orange. It is balanced with several colors that are one level of variety.

This plant has a line with a diameter of 6-12 cm, high 6-13. that clumps. The surface is at the bottom and has a transverse band of tubercles with greenish-white flowers. 

Haworthia Zebra


Haworthia zebra is a green succulent plant that has short leaves with diameter of 6-12 cm, ad its tapered succulents have ribbons of white tubercles on the top. This plant is popular as an ornamental plant because of its very tolerant resistance to drought and hardiness in general.

This plant is very similar to haworthia fasciata, but haworthia attenuatas is easily distinguished because of the white tubercles that appear on both the upper and lower sides.

Haworthia Attenuata "Enon"


This type of haworthia attenuata enot has a short, plum rosette with firm green leaves that turn evenly yellow-red. This plant has raised white spots.

Haworthia Limifolia


Haworthia limifolia is one of the toughest and easy-to-maintain plants. A plant with hard leaves and a texture on the surface of the leaves like washing wood, so it is called fairy washboard. Leaves with a triangular shape with a broad leaf base that is conical to the edge of the leaf.

This plant is safe as an indoor plants that is rarely exposed to direct sunlight. But this plant will grow quickly is placed outdoors and gets intense sunlight.

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