7 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspirations

Homiful.com -- If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, even it is small, you better make the most of it. You can use a balcony as an outdoor refreshing space that could give you a fresh air, fresh mind and better day. No need to complicate yourself, you can even make a cozy, beautiful balcony even with the smallest and simplest way. As simple as put various furniture, decorations and plants on a balcony. 

But, you need some inspirations to create a cozy (and next level) balcony, we've gathered 7 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspirations for you.

1. Cool and cozy balcony with nature vibe


A small balcony can be maximized like this. You can invest by making a bench out of wooden crates boarded with padded seating pads. Terracotta balcony wall paint looks great with the greenery and wooden furniture in it. It gives you such a cool and fresh balcony that perfect for a casual gathering in the evening.

2. Balcony covered with glass windows


If the position of the balcony is not good to be made open, then make it more closed with the addition of glass windows that surround the balcony space. The glass windows will give a balcony that is safer from the unwanted things. Moreover, these windows still channel natural light to the balcony space. You can put a day bed complete with cushions. Then, your balcony will be a fun place to read.

3. Balcony with Bohemian decor inspirations


It's great to see the city at night from your little balcony. The cold night breeze can be tricked by decorating the balcony in a Bohemian style.  You can place a soft cushioned seat and a decor of macramé work that look so Bohemian. The use of fabric elements will make you feel warm enough while enjoying the city at night.

4. Simple but super cozy balcony


No matter how small it is, you can make a super cozy little balcony. Just use the simple things that easy to get to make it. You can cover the floor with grass rug that is soft enough to sit on. Place cushions with beautiful covers that add a visual enhancement to the balcony. Liven up the atmosphere of the balcony by adding windowsill plants and potted plants on the floor.

5. Play with colors


Brings up a unique balcony view than others. You can play with color combinations of the balcony. Pink-rouge wall paint with brown floor as the balcony backdrop color. Add a spark of color by placing yellow and pastel round wicker chairs on it. Even a single yellow cushion also add a splash of color to this balcony.

6. Light it Up


Give the balcony plenty of light for a late night hangout. You can choose outdoor pendants or sconces as the main lighting. Beautify the balcony with string lights mounted on the roof and balcony railing. The string lights will give you a warm and intimate charm to the balcony.

7. Balcony as a small greenhouse


Balcony is one of the great place to care for the plants. You can make it as a greenhouse, even if you live in a small city apartment. The balcony is covered with glass windows that can give a natural light to the space. You can neatly arrange your greenery on the stacked-rack and hang them on top window sill.

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