7 Best Types Of Crotons Plants To Grow At Home


Homiful.com -- The beauty of Crotons plants will give a more stunning home look. Crotons has many varieties. They have a colorful leaf color that can make the house look more alive. Crotons are also low-maintenance plants, so it's no no wonder many fall in love with them!

Here are 7 best types of Crotons plants to grow at home that you can use as a reference!

1. Petra Croton


The first crotons was Petra croton which has the scientific name Codieaeum variegatum Petra. Petra croton are native to Southeast Asia and are suitable in tropical climates. They have a beautiful leaf color that is red, green and orange. Place in on balcony of the house too get maximum sunlight.

2. Gold Star Croton


Gold star croton has a blend of green leaf color with a charming yellow pattern. They have a lave treatment. Gold star croton can grow well in the sun.

3. Yellow Iceton Croton


The other type of Crotons is yellow iceton croton. They have a beautiful leaf pattern with shades of yellow and green  that refresh the eyes. Yellow Iceton Croton loves direct sunlight. But they can also live indoors.

4. Red iceton Croton


Red iceton has a bright red leaf color. Red Iceton includes plants that can grow large in the front yard. If you want to plant it in the house, you can pay attention to the good drainage.

5. Oakleaf Croton


They have the scientific name Codiaeum variegatum 'Oak leaf'. The shape of the leaves is long in shape with a beautiful color. Oak leaf croton requires good sunlight and drainage for optimal growth.

6. Mrs. Iceton Crotons


This type of Croton plant with a beautiful leaf color is Mrs. Iceton Croton. They have characteristic of stunning green, yellow and red leaves. They can also grow well in direct sunlight. One of the best of Crotons to decorate your home.

7. Picasso's paint brush Croton


As the name implies, Picasso's paint brush has leaves that are thin like brushes. The color of the leaves is also beautiful, and you can on plant it in pot and in the yard. This plant is one of the best types of plants that you can grow at home.

Those are the 7 best types of crotons plants to grow at home. From the type above, which is your favorite?

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