7 Best Indoor Vines and Climbers You can Grow Easily In Home

7 Best Indoor Vines and Climbers You can Grow Easily In Home

Homiful.com -- Indoor plants that climb or create a room look attractive you can choose with certain other plants. Ornamental trailing plants are very popular because they introduce green elements into the room, and they can also help the air quality in the room become fresher and cleaner. Indoor vines are very easy to grow and continue to develop over the years. You also need thoroughness in choosing trailing plants or vines in the room.

Because there are so many vines that you require to know, you can see some list of names of plants that can grow for years indoors, as follows:

Ficus Pumila


Ficus pumila is knows as the creeping fig or creeping or climbing fig or elongated plant. Flowering plants in the family moraceae are often affixed to walls or trees as ornamental plants. Plants with heart-shaped leaves and tend to round the diameter of 1-15 cm grow intermittently on the stem and form a solid arrangement to cover the propagation media with a thickness of up to 1-3 cm from the surface of the vine medium. 

Stephania Suberosa


Large potato ornamental plants or Stephania Suberosa is a trending and rising. Including perennial vines and included in the type of herbal plant, this plant has green leaves shaped like a heart remains slightly rounded. The texture of the stem is flexible and grows by creeping, so that it is easy to be arranged in its appearance when used as a collection of room interiors. In addition to having many properties in the world of health, this plant also includes wayward plants and very minimal care. You don't have to water it every day.

English Ivy


Here are the vines that you can make indoor plants at home. English ivy plants are known as green plants that horizontally and spread at least 15 feet wide and 8 inches tall. Vertically, this plant will grow to more than 50 feet. Plants that develop well in bright and indirect light have variegated leaves and become more prominent when the light level is brighter.

That way, you can put this plant on the windowsill, fence or around the doorway of the house.

Snow Queen Pothos


Maybe you have enough difficulty when distinguishing snow queen ornamental plants and marble queen pothos. Even from the same family, you can see the difference between them from the other side. This plant has white leaves with pure white varieties and much less green. In addition, snow queens develop at a slower rate than marble queens. Snow queen pothos  maintain their compactness for a long period of time.

Golden Pothos


The next plant that is still the choice of many beginners ornamental plant lovers is golden pothos. One type of vine that grows quickly with the color of fresh green leaves. Plants that are able to overcome poor air quality and factor that affect stress are very suitable to be an indoor plant or office. Plants that remain good if placed in this room are unique, so many room sin the house that want the interior of the urban jungle concept can use this one plant. 

Tradescantia Fluminensis


It is very popular to be used as an indoor plant home sweetener. Tradescantia fluminensis is a beautiful plant that grows vines and aching with the shape of oval leaves that have varied motif, especially dominant with a purple color. A touch of green mixes into purple and white in the entire leaf. The easily broken leaf stem should not be wrong when holding it.

Philodendron Brazil


This Brazilian philodendron plant is a wild and daring cultivar of the classic heart leaf philodendron. The variegated leaves almost look like they are painted, this has yellow and lime green scratches in a dark green leaves. This plant has a young orange red hue stem and is very tolerant to various light conditions, this plant is very productive producing long vines that can easily reach the floor.

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